Review: The Storm that is Sterling by Lisa Renee Jones

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds

The reader first meets Rebecca Burns as a very studious high schooler. She’s so smart that she tutors during the summer. Sterling Jeter is a young man that hacks into computers for money. He uses the money to take care of his grandmother. We think that they will be sweethearts right away but then Sterling gets into trouble and Rebecca doesn’t see him after that.

The story then jumps fourteen years. Sterling is now part of a special elite team. He then goes to see Rebecca. This is where Lisa gives her reader an indication of what makes Sterling a hero. This is also where our adventure begins.

If you have not read Lisa’s first book in the series, The Legend of Michael, you may not understand a lot of what’s happening in the story. Originally, I read this book first and was totally lost in what was going on. I then went to my local library and took out Michael’s book. This time everything was less confusing and it made sense. You do need to read this series in order.

This book is darker than the first – the evil in Michael’s book continues here. You can tell that this is a book about good vs. evil but that the evil is getting stronger. As you get into the story, you will question as to which will win.

The first time I read this book, I was reading it as a paranormal romance. This second time, I read it as a paranormal romantic suspense. The book is good as a paranormal suspense but it is a little light on the romance. Danger always seems to get into the way of any type of romance between Sterling and Rebecca.

In other paranormal romances, that I have read, the life mate appears early on and we see the instant connection between the two main characters. As I started to read the first few chapters of Sterling’s story, I just didn’t see that connection. At the end of chapter 5, Sterling and Rebecca finally admit that they want each other but as a reader I just don’t feel it.

In Chapter 21, Becca says how badly she wants him but as a reader I’ll have to take her word for it. I just never saw it in the pages previously. At the end of this chapter, we finally start to see their romance take shape. But as a romance reader, I felt that the author had to put in a love scene somewhere and this is where she decided to put it. To me it felt out of place. It just didn’t seem to flow with the rest of the story.

Once the romance finally starts it seems like the dark side of the story seems to take a back seat. You see glimpses of it so that you know it will continue into the next book but the feeling of the story changed.

Would I buy this book? No. Would I borrow this book from the library? Yes. Would I read the next book in the series? Yes, I would like to see what happens next. I will say that I did like Michael’s story better.


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