Review: The Switch by Diane Whiteside

by Mandy Dougherty, guest reviewer

Though I have just begun to delve into the realm of erotica, I am pleased to say that Diane Whiteside’s The Switch was one of my favorite experiences to date. I have follwed many of Diane’s Whiteside’s other tales including her Texas Vampire’s series and making the switch (pun intended) to her erotica work was an easy transition.

The Switch follows two stranger’s, Sean and Beth, as they stumble upon each other in a bookstore located in Seattle. The encounter leaves both longing to fulfill their deepest fantasies and the other the key player. While both have steamy dreams of the other they also share the pain of loss. At this point in the road they have to decide if the chemistry that sparked between them is more then a lust that has been denied for too long or the other half out their that will make them both whole.

Sean, a former soldier and Beth, a businesswoman in a man’s world of finance appear to be polar opposite’s from the exterior. What lies beneath the outward facade captivates the reader and draws the two into steamy trysts that have them jet-setting and exploring the depths of sexual satisfaction.

***Diane Whiteside does an amazing job at making Sean, a disciplined soldier, melt in the palm of Beth’s hand. This book delves into the ‘scene’ as well as submissive and dominant roles that are so steamy you’ll be panting with each page turn. The underlying romance layered with the erotic fantasy make this book a fantastic read….in bed***

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