Review: The Twelve Days to Christmas by Michele Gorman

The Twelve Days to Christmas gormanReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Yuletide Synopsis: Some women say yes to getting married, they think about the dress, the jewellery, the big event – and of course their lover, but young Hannah thinks in a different way – she isn’t so sure about getting wed to her lover Sam. They are only just getting over a bad part in their relationship that she blames on him, so she has a lot of soul searching inside her before any wedding plans can go ahead. There is only so much time left to the big day though, so she has to get her soul searching done in time, or the wedding might be off – for good.

Elf No.1: Hannah is excited to finally meet her lover again after a while, even though she has doubts about their relationship – she still has butterflies in her stomach when she sees him, so that at least is a good sign. Her real problem is Brent, he’s a friend now, one of her best, but they have a history together, and she can’t get him out of her head. Hannah sounds like a giving kind of gal, she moved to where her lover had his job, and sacrificed time with her friends and family in order to make them both happy.

Elf No. 2: Sam has secrets, but not the sort that he would keep from her, but it doesn’t make the situation they are in any better – his soon to be wife has to know what he had done in his past, or their future will never work out. When he meets her again, he’s as pleased as punch, and doesn’t even realize there is something underlying all of this, he’s had another woman.

Review: This is a short novel coming in at about sixty pages long, but it gets enough information in it to make it a gripping read. It is a lot of fun to get into, and really feel the characters and their personalities – readers will be surprised at Hannah though, but in a good way!

Last Minute Thoughts: I liked reading this and the fact Michelle has put little excerpts of The Twelve Days to Christmas carol into the beginning of the chapters. This is a nice touch that sets the reader up for a very interesting Yuletide read.


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