Review: This Time for Keeps by Jenna Mills

Jenna Mills tackles some very hard issues in This Time for Keeps. A miscarriage tore the hero and heroine apart and annihilated their marriage two years prior to the start of the novel. Neither one has really dealt with the fallout of their lost child. At the opening of the book the estranged couple is on the verge of divorce when Megan Montgomery’s husband blows back into town.

He’s there to collect his niece and bring the baby to his folks across the pond. Megan is the baby’s official guardian based on Ainsley’s will. What she doesn’t know is that Russell is there to challenge it, but she’s willing to fight tooth and nail to keep her sister-in-law’s baby, Charlotte.

She blames him for their marriage falling apart. In her eyes Russell acted as a callous man only interested in trying to get some boom-boom and to replace their lost baby. Russell views the failure of the past and sees his wife pulling away, never opening up or talking to him. She retreated so far away that he couldn’t touch her without her flinching, couldn’t be in the same room with her without her running away.

Megan is furious with Russell for leaving his baby sister behind like he left her. Cutting Ainsley out of his life was worse than cutting her out in her mind because his sister had moved to a whole new country to be close to him. When he insists he found out her death only two weeks ago, it doesn’t placate Meg. It only makes it that much sadder.

As the two navigate around the other and rediscover their lost passion Charlotte’s father comes back to town and suddenly the two are a united front. They want to keep Charlotte at all costs… but when do the costs become too high?

In the end this just wasn’t the book for me. There were too many lows giving the book a sad feel.


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