Review: Thoroughly Kissed (Charming, Book 2) by Kristine Grayson

Summary: What would you do if you woke up 1000 years from now on another continent with a language that sounds like yours but isn’t? In Emma Lost’s case she learned as fast as she could and became a teacher. Smart move, until her new boss thinks she made it all up because she doesn’t have proper citations. He’s threatening to fire her, her magic is coming in decades too early, and she’s got to cross the US to the west coast before any major disasters happen – like falling for Michael Found.

Should You Read Charming, Book 1? Emma is first introduced in Utterly Charming, which I haven’t read, so no, it’s not necessary to read it first. However, references are made and some are not thoroughly explained, so it’s up to you.

Review: Thoroughly Kissed is thoroughly charming! Kristine Grayson tackles the woebegone Sleeping Beauty fairytale set in modern day mid-west US with wit and humor. This road trip romance features crazy restaurants, mutating housecats, and a bloodless battle in a national park. You’ll believe in magic when you’re done.

Favorite Scene: When Michael is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Future/Present also known as Merlin.

Best Side Character: Darnell the cat, especially when he talks.


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1 thought on “Review: Thoroughly Kissed (Charming, Book 2) by Kristine Grayson”

  1. Wow, this sounds like a very interesting book. I guess it is based off of “A Christmas Carol?” I love the idea behind the story. 1000 years is a long time to be asleep. I am putting this on my list to read soon. Thanks! I just finished up the best book. It is called, “Jan’s Excellent Romance: Applesauce and Andy” by Lindsay Hall. This a humorous fiction romance novel, which takes place in a café in Long Island, NY. You’re going to love Andy Hudson, the love interest. A mouth-watering studly male, successful, nice … mmmm. Then there is Tiny Tucker, Jan’s best friend since first grade, who fires off cracks and one-liners that get her out of parking tickets, bad debts, and—unfortunately—jobs. So she’s temporarily waitressing at Jan’s café. It’s funny. If you want romance, sex, AND laughs, buy “Jan.”

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