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thrones of desireReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Get ready for fourteen stories of erotic fantasy romance. There’s a queen from a far off lands, the usual array of dragons, unusual kingdoms, sacrifices, saints and heroes. This anthology seems to have been labelled as Game of Thrones style literature, but taken to a sensual extreme, yet these stories by Eric Del Carlo, Nyla Nox, Ashley Lister and Jo Wu are more than just that kind of fantasy, as they have put their own original style and characters into each one.

Characters: Meet Caffax the dragon master who has been kept out of battle for an…indiscretion with a raunchy supply clerk, Gareth who is a knight with a difference, Miar an apprentice and a virgin kept for a master who thinks Miar’s virginity would be his prize, and Caspian who has a wolf’s strength, so much so, something has to be done about him.

Review: One of the things I was most amazed and at the same time impressed at was the Foreward by Piers Anthony, I grew up reading his fiction, so it was a thrilling thing for me to find this as soon as I sat at the computer ready to read this. As he rightly points out, when men write erotic fantasy, it’s about men wanting to bed everything that moves then move onto the next woman, but women write erotic fantasy in a different way; they take their time establishing the characters, and wait a while before pushing the male and female characters in an embrace they hope will last the test of time. It doesn’t always, but that’s half the fun of reading it.

Summary: If you like J RR Tolkien’s work, and also the work of George RR Martin with a lot of eroticism thrown in for good measure, you’ll enjoy this to bits.


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