Review: Touch If You Dare (Soulfire Series, Book #2) by Stephanie Rowe

by Sharon S., guest reviewer

Do you love the self loathing tortured alpha-male warrior that finds his salvation, as well as his soft ooey-gooey center, in a strong, loyal woman? Then what are you waiting for, go read this book! If you need more convincing then read on…

Rowe has a unique voice I found entertaining and refreshing. What I loved most, was her fast paced witty dialogue. It was a virtual snark fest <G>. If I had been in the room with the characters, I would have whip lash trying to keep up with everyone <G>. It was an amazingly fun read. All the characters are well developed and original. The main theme of the story is that fine line between love and hate we all walk.

There are more immortal tortured alpha-males than you can shake a stick at in this story, but it focuses on Jarvis Swain (swoon), one of many warriors, that spent over 100 years as a prisoner of sadistic women. It would be safe to say, he has issues. Jarvis doesn’t think he deserves happiness or love. He is the Guardian of Hate after all. He is the ultimate pessimist.

Reina works for Death (and what a wonderfully obnoxious character he is!) and has to kiss his butt so she can be promoted to a full Reaper. She is a kind and gentle person, who feels the need to help everyone find the happiness she can’t seem to find for herself. Jarvis and Reina end up having to use each other to achieve their own goals and you can guess how *that goes!

I can’t wait to read how all the other deliciously tortured males, including Death, find their HEAs.

[rating:5] ooey-gooey tortured stars!

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  1. This will be the next series I start!. Finishing Ward’s Fallen Angels now. The Death character caught my attention after reading your review and another tortured alpha-male paired with a “snarky” female is always a plus to read about. Thanks Sharon.

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