Review: Treacherous Temptations by Victoria Vane

Treacherous Temptations by Victoria VaneReview by Lynn Reynolds

The prologue starts on December 31, 1720. It has a shocking beginning and then it jumps over a year ahead. The setting is Venice and our character describes it as if it were female. I always find it interesting how a town is described as being female. It also makes me wonder why they are never described as being male.

Hadley, the current Lord Blanchard, seems to be a man who only has one thing on his mind. And his “stepmother”, Lady Barbara Blanchard, doesn’t appear to be much better. The story then jumps ahead to the year 1727.

Mary Elizabeth Edwardes is a product of the times – there are only two things that she’s good for, but I admire that she tries to stick up for herself. She has what I consider to be an elegant name, but she prefers to go by her nickname.

It’s interesting to see how sometimes money can influence everything you do – no matter if someone gets hurt in the process. But it doesn’t matter what the time period, it still happens today. It seemed to rule everything back then and we still rely on it heavily today.

Victoria does a great job of creating Hadley. He’s one of those characters that you love to hate but hope he finds redemption and love in the end. He fits the definition of a Rake to a “T”. Does Mary have what it takes to change him or is she just too timid? You will have to get a copy of this book in order to find that out. Victoria gives the reader their sex scene but it is not rushed. Descriptions are graphic so that you can enjoy the moment the same time they do. As you read, you think things are going to work out but then Victoria adds some new twists and turns which just add to the suspense.

Some people don’t read all the way to the very end. With this book please make sure that you do. Victoria has included some “Titillating Tidbits”. It is very insightful. The end came too quickly for me. You will not be disappointed to read this latest book of Victoria’s and it will leave you wanting to read more.


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