Review: Twas the Night After Christmas by Sabrina Jeffries

twas night after christmasReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Pierce Waverly is the Earl of Devonmont. And when he was a young man he was very bitter. But that is what happens when you have the upbringing that he had. Maybe this holiday will change him – almost reminds me of a young Scrooge.

Camilla Stuart takes care of Pierce’s mother. They make quite the family unit. Camilla and his mother also have a secret. Parents will do anything to protect their children. That even includes lying to them – it’s for their own good. Children are innocent and don’t understand how some adults can be so evil. Once Camilla’s son Jasper makes his appearance, he will steal every scene.

As I read Sabrina’s book, I find that I want to put on some music. Not any of the new stuff that’s out there but music that Pierce or Camilla may have listened to. You may want to visit your local library and see if you can locate the album titled “A Baroque Christmas from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Concerts”. Or, you may want to just listen to an album that is playing the old Christmas Carols. By putting on the music, you are helping to set the mood.

I have to laugh at what they may have considered sexy back then. You also have to wonder how they would feel about what some people consider sexy today. You may also want to check out the book that Pierce, at one point, asks Camilla to read. It’s a book they thought was scandalous at that time. It may be considered tame compared to the erotica of today.

Sabrina also has included a very old Christmas poem as part of her storyline. It is one of the most popular poems. Even though this poem has been included in the story, I believe that you could read this book at any time of the year. She has you fall in love with her characters and knowing that it is connected with one of her series is just an added bonus. If you stop over to her web site,, you will be able to check out the titles and see if there are any books to the series that you need to catch up on. And you can’t go wrong in adding this book to your list of holiday books to read this year.


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