Review: Unbuttoning Miss Hardwick by Deb Marlowe

unbuttoning miss hardwickSummary: Spinster Chloe Hardwick realizes she has feelings for her employer, the Marquess of Marland. To him she is just Hardwick, a sexless woman who efficiently runs his affairs and helps him organize his collection of fine weapons. When Chloe as a woman fails to gain his attention and in fact irritates him with her changes, she realizes things must change, herself included. The only thing left to do is leave. The Marquess hates that even more!

Review: This is a boss/secretary romance historical style! Love it!

Braedon pursues Hardwick to London, and realizes he can’t have the efficient Hardwick back. Still he begs her help in completing his long held quest for a very special weapon. The legend of this weapon resonates with Braedon and he wants it bad. Chloe wishes he wanted her half as much. The Marquess rejects emotional attachment in order to protect his heart from loss.

Chloe is scared of living life outside of the walls she built for herself, hiding behind one persona or another of what others want for her. To win the Marquess she’ll have to find herself and demand that he see her. It’s scary, his cold demeanor is scary, but she’s determined because she sees the man under the mask.

You will love the hero and heroine and root for their HEA. One of the best books of the year!


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