Review: Until There Was You (Coming Home, Book 2) by Jessica Scott

until there was youReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Can two people who are opposites really find attraction? This is the general idea of Until There Was You. Jessica Scott had her debut with Because of You, and started her foray into military romance novels, and gave readers a good idea of what she wanted her characters to act like, leaving their general look to the imaginations of thousands.

Sergeant Reza and Captain Claire Montoya aren’t supposed to associate with each other, but when he is the only one out of the brigade she knows, she doesn’t really have an option to ignore him. This shows what a lonely life service men and women can have in the army, but that kind of life isn’t for her, she wants a bit more than that, and sees her opportunity for fun with Captain Evan Loehr, even if Reza is always trying to set her up with guys to date. She doesn’t need any more one night stands with guys who work with her, it would only complicate things, yet love can do strange things to people, and it does to her.

This is a romantic story, starting with Claire chatting with Evan. She embarrasses him, and he is interested in her, but doesn’t want to be getting with a woman he thinks Reza might have had a relationship with, as Reza does have a reputation for being a ladies man as well as a hard drinker. Claire is easy going and approachable, she is comfortable around men, and casual too, but Evan is the exact opposite. He can’t relax and isn’t friendly at all, more so to women, especially army women who he, as a rule doesn’t date. They spend most of the novel annoying the hell out of each other, and when they get in a clinch, they break from it as though they are doing something wrong in enjoying something akin to a sex life.

I especially loved this line in the novel:

But Evan couldn’t take his eyes off Claire. A woman who ate napalm and pissed razor wire and inspired Evan to want to throttle her every time they were in the same room together.

Evan acts like he doesn’t like her at all, but he knows he has an obsession with her he has to get under control, or, he thinks he might regret it. There are a lot of funny moments between the couple when they act out their rants. The two of them keep acting as though they don’t like each other most of the way through, and the romance of it is lost in the annoyance the two feel about each other. They never actually have a romance, as it is more of a would-be romance that never happened. It is a shame as I would have liked them to have come to a truce near the end. This is an excellent novel for those who like couples who are on each other all the time, bickering back and forth with witty repertoire.


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