Review: When You Give a Duke a Diamond (Jewels of the Ton, Book 1) by Shana Galen

when you give a duke a diamondHero: William, the Duke of Pelham requires an ordered, structured, planned life that runs punctually, right down to the very minute one begins to eat breakfast and the minute one finishes. So how did he earn the name Dangerous Duke? All William will reveal is that he does not want or need anything or anyone to disturbed his solid, steady, disciplined life… which he never knew was deadly dull until she showed up on his doorstep.

Heroine: Lackluster would never be the first word you thought of when thinking about Juliette, a celebrated courtesan in London, dubbed by Prinny as the Duchess of Dalliance. When the scandal sheets randomly link Juliette with William, she knows she must remain in the public eye just as he knows he must not. So when he snubs her, Juliette takes matters into her own hands and stir things up with the excitement the Duke so desperately needs.

Oh the Suspense: The Duke’s fiance, Elizabeth, is murdered on the night he snubs Juliette and the only eye witness? Juliette! Which begs the question, if a murder occurs in the middle of the social party of the year and the body goes missing, did it really happen? Juliette suspects Lucifer, the gambling hell owner, who scared her good the night before the party; but that doesn’t rule out Oliver Clifton, Juliette’s ex-husband.

Review: When You Give a Duke a Diamond… he’s going to want to marry her! Even if he doesn’t know it just yet. He’ll try to convince himself he doesn’t want her, love her, because she’s “spoiled goods” – a totally inappropriate candidate, even if she’s already used to being called a Duchess. She just won’t be his… or will she?

I liked the two villains, though you never knew how far either would go. I wish the hero and heroine has less tormented backgrounds, but they were a good match for each other despite it.

Conclusion: A fun romp! And a lovely twist on a classic romantic trope – the courtesan in name-only.


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