Review: Winter’s Passage (Iron Fey, Book 1.5) by Julie Kagawa

Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey Series is addicting, delicious, and outstanding. While Winter’s Passage is a short novella it packs a punchy story.

It opens with Ash coming to collect on Meghan’s promise from Iron King. She asks to see how Puck is doing before going with him to Tir na Nog and the Winter Court. A quick look in on Puck shows he’s still healing from his wounds in Iron King.

Their journey into Unseelie territory is not without its dangers. Following them is the Hunter, an ancient enemy, one so powerful, it’s literally unable to die. He’s feared by humans and fey alike and if you’re unlucky enough to hear him calling for you, chances are you won’t survive to tell the tale.

What I liked best about the novella was the expansion of Meghan and Ash’s relationship. It really gains a lot of depth here, some of which is retold in Iron Daughter. That said, you shouldn’t skip this novel, because while Iron Daughter keeps you up to date you miss the romance and the action.

There are some truly clever, poignant, and sigh-worthy moments in Winter’s Passage. One of my favorites is when Meghan stays with Ash and tries to save them even though she could have run and saved herself. Ash is equal parts bemused and angry. This isn’t the behavior of a fey and he knows it will get her hurt, killed, or worse once under Queen Mab’s thumb. He tries to warn her, love her, and distance himself from her all at the same time. It makes for a fantastic struggle.

Rating: 5 Stars

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