Review: Wolf Bait by Sienna Mynx

by Carla F., guest reviewer

Summary: While backpacking across Scotland, Dillion and his cousin Peter are attacked by a big, hairy, ugly, vicious beast. Peter is killed in the attack. Dillion is seriously injured, and he becomes infected with the virus that the wolf/human/demon carried. He is able to control the urge to turn into a beast at the full moon by taking drugs. Over time those drugs are losing their effectiveness.

Now Dillion’s mission is to find the thing that killed his cousin. Besides taking revenge, he believes that killing the beast will free himself and all the other humans that have been infected by it. In his search, he kills other werewolves and becomes known to the werewolf world as someone who kills his own kind.

After a few years, he tracks the killer to the club, Wolf Bait. However, while there he runs into the beautiful, mysterious werewolf, Namina, a singer. She seduces him first with her singing and performance and then later with her body.

Review: Peter’s death is a gruesome one, and the world that Dillion inhabits is bleak. I was confused about Dillion’s role at the end of the story and not sure if I buy the reason that the beast let Dillion live.

I really had trouble enjoying this one. I might have felt differently if I would have realized that it was more erotica than romance sooner.

Overall: Definitely not my cup of tea. However, if you love your erotica joined with the paranormal you might like this quick read.



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