Review: Women on the Edge of Space by Daniell Bodnar and Cecilia Tan

by Sandra Scholes, guest reviewer

After an interesting and in depth introduction by Danielle Bodnar about the science-fiction genre, its reasons for intriguing her to want to have a compilation of stories based in deep space, the reader is treat to four stories of how women cope with their lives in space starting with an unusual tale of love that knows no bounds.

In The Many Little Deaths of Cicilia Long by Shanna Germain, Shanna has Cicilia, a girl who has died after her girlfriend dumped her in a callous way. She has had many other deaths since then, and her mother never helped when she mentioned that she could have dated boys instead – the way many would think is she would have been dumped by men anyway, as there is nothing different from a woman dating another woman, or a man – there are players and cheats everywhere regardless of gender. Cicilia has a chance of finding happiness, but is it at a dear cost to her?

Fair as the Moon, Clear as the Sun by Laurel Waterford has a woman along with others on a mission to bring God’s word to the masses in space, but all one girl can think of is getting clean after the heat gets too much for her, and being around such pretty girls, she finds it hard to concentrate on her purity and her devotions. One such girl is Mary who she forms a bond with deeper than the others she is met with, and one night she does something even she did not think would happen, they have a deep intimacy that she can never forget, or mention to the other girls or, for that matter, Father Graham.

Adrift by Kaysee Renee Robichaud opens on an intimate moment where two women have made love and this is the aftermath, the two of them laid in bed relaxing, contemplating. Lydia and Adrianne, subordinate and captain have shared her bed, and are both explorers in deep space wanting some time out from their chores, and the command of the ship and Lydia wants to spend more time with her, yet there is little chance of that even though they have just found each other – what can she do to make their relationship more than a one night stand?

Unfolding Her Wings by Elizabeth Black has Sun, a woman who is in the months before she has a baby, known as Parent 1 her partner, Gatria Parent 2. She misses her, yet has an open relationship where she introduces other women to their bed. Sun has all the problems a new mother would; the morning sickness, fainting spells and cravings for food she would never have contemplated eating before. This story is a sensual one where her lover, Shira gives her the most pleasure before they return to normality again. Though they have their intimacy, she still wants Gatria to return to her, as she is starting to see the world that has been built around them as a form of confinement, and she desires more than anything to spread her wings and explore.

And with all kinds of people in them, mainly women who love other women, there is a sensuality factor that brings the question of prejudice out there for the readers to find out about, and what can be as intriguing as that?


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