Rock Star Weddings

by Olivia Cunning, guest blogger and author of Rock Hard

With the royal wedding being celebrated later this week, I started thinking about rock star weddings. My latest erotic romance novel, Rock Hard, has a wedding scene. It’s not too out there, as far as rock star weddings go. Here’s a short excerpt:

How was it possible for two people to look that happy getting married by an Elvis impersonator in a drive-through? Brian had pulled into the first chapel they’d found. There wasn’t time for a long ceremony. They all had to be on stage in a couple of hours.

Sed grinned as Myrna and Brian recited their vows and exchanged rings. The size of Myrna’s rock put Jessica’s cheap piece of crap to shame, but Sed was very conscious of the discarded ring’s weight in his hip pocket as Brian slid a platinum band on Myrna’s finger.

They’d put the top down on Myrna’s pink, convertible, ’57 Thunderbird coupe. Brian sat on the back of the front seat with Myrna on his lap. Trey, the best man, sat in the middle beside the happy couple. Sed sat on the passenger side as their second witness. He supposed that made him the maid of honor. Always a bride’s maid…

“I now pronounce you husband and uh wife,” the Elvis, justice of the peace, said. “I say uh you may kiss your beautiful bride.”

Brian kissed Myrna deeply. She clung to his shoulders, the Vegas sunshine making her auburn hair glow like fire. She looked absolutely stunning in her white gown. Sed wondered if they’d even make it back to the tour bus before Brian had it off her.

Eric, who sat behind Jace on the motorcycle next to the car, cheered.

“Congratulations.” Sed reached behind Trey to pat Brian on the shoulder.

The couple continued to kiss. And kiss. And kiss. Tug at each other’s clothes. Kiss some more.

“You guys,” Trey protested. “You’re making Jace blush.”

The newlyweds drew apart and stared into each other’s eyes, both of Brian’s surrounded by dark purple bruises. “God, I love you,” Brian murmured. He kissed her again, before drawing away to stare at her with the stupidest grin on his face. She smiled just as stupidly, love shining in her eyes.

Sed had had that. Once.

But no longer.

Stupid Jessica. Sed crossed his arms over his chest, trying his darnedest to be happy for Brian, no matter how miserable the occasion made him feel.

“Are we going to sit here all day?” Trey asked.

“You act like we’re ordering burgers and fries,” Brian said, glaring at Trey.

“Well, what do you expect? We are in a drive-through. Hey, Elvis!” Trey called at the window. “Can we get ketchup with that?’

“One marriage license is all you shall receive from The King. Move along, folks,” Elvis said, his accent evaporating. “We’ve got a line today.”

They slid down into the white leather bench seat and Myrna shifted to sit on Trey’s lap so Brian could drive back to the tour bus.


As you can see, the hero of the book, vocalist Sed Lionheart, isn’t getting married here. His friend Brian, the lead guitarist of Sinners, is the lucky guy. So how do real life rock stars celebrated love and commitment? Stop sniggering. I realize most of the couples I mention below have split up. Most rock stars have traditional weddings. Don’t Motley Crue’s drummer, Tommy Lee, and Heather Locklear look happy together? Sigh. So sweet.

There are those rockers who celebrate a little differently, however.

When Jane’s Addiction’s guitarist, Dave Navarro, married Carmen Electra, they chose a traditional ceremony and attire. Dave’s black nail polish matches his tux perfectly!

Their wedding invitation was anything but traditional.

That has to be the wildest wedding invitation I’ve ever seen. I hear the bachelor party was a bit wild, too. Unfortunately, I wasn’t invited to either. Brian’s bachelor party in Rock Hard got a little out of hand, too. Those rock stars know how to party!

Some rock stars go for shock value when they wed. When singer, Marilyn Manson married Dita Von Teese, they chose a ceremony to reflect their unique personalities. I love how they made the day their own. And they look like they’re having a great time.

Pam Andersen has married more than one rock star, the lucky woman. She married Kid Rock in a bikini on a yacht. Actually, I think she might have worn a dress during the actual ceremony, but it didn’t stay on for long. If I had her body, I’d live in a bikini. I think these two are ready for the honeymoon!

And then you have the rock stars who couldn’t care less what you think of them—my favorite type of rock star. The singer of Nirvana, Curt Cobain, married Courtney Love in his green flannel pajamas. He couldn’t be bothered with a tux. When you’re a musical genius, you can get away with that!

(If you don’t know your rock stars, that’s drummer Dave Grohl standing between the recently married couple.)

I’m a total sap when it comes to weddings. I always, always cry.

What’s your favorite wedding memory? Do you prefer a traditional wedding or something a bit more unique? Will you be watching the royal wedding?

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24 thoughts on “Rock Star Weddings”

  1. I don’t really have a favorite wedding memory though seeing my best friend get married a few weeks ago was awesome. I love traditional wedding so anything wild and crazy strikes me as a little odd. And I think I am one of the few who won’t be watching the royal wedding.

  2. I won’t be watching the Royal wedding cause I just don’t care . Great post. I love it when celebrities have crazy weddings. I had a traditional wedding almost 19 year ago! I told my husband I want to go to Vegas for our 20th anniversary and do the Elvis Vegas style wedding to renew our vows!

  3. Just finished her first Sinners book Backstage Pass. Loved it! You should see my wedding photo’s LOL. It was in 1975 and my husband had long side burns LOL!
    I wanted to be a Rock Star or a Groupie. The boys in the bands were always so sexy!
    I will watch the wedding because I am a fool for HEA !

  4. Most if not all of those marriages are done for. LOL. Hopefully Myrna and Brian can make it work. I loved Backstage Pass and I can’t wait to read Rock Hard.

    I’d love to win a copy!

    jcross719 at yahoo dot com

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Don’t have a fav wedding memory…divorced now. Would like to watch William’s wedding and will probably tape it as have to work.


    ok on to the wedding question I would prefer a quick ceremony but a Huge Reception w/friends & families, lots of music & dancing

    I probably will watch the Royal Wedding…will there be anything else on?

    PS Trey is the BEST

  7. Dave Navarro looked mad hot. My husbands cousin is having a zombie wedding next week, everyone has to come dressed in what they want to be buried in. They are both having professional make up artists turn them into the living dead.

    Our best friends got married on Halloween and took their wedding photos in a cemetery.
    I will be working so, no, I will not watch the royal wedding.

  8. My favorite wedding memory is from my own wedding, an outdoor garden wedding. My bride’s maids and I had wreathes of flowers on our heads. My maid of honor had a butterfly land on one of the flowers and just sit there opening and closing it’s wings. I was wishing I had a camera but of course being the bride I had no camera and couldn’t very well stop the wedding to go get one!

    Our wedding was rather unique for 1994 the girls wore handmade silk dresses inspired by paintings of fairies. My husband and his guys wore what today would best be described as pirate clothes. Puffy pants and flowy long puffy sleeved shirts. I like unique.

    Not sure about watching the royal wedding…maybe. I’m kind of a closet royal watcher.


  9. My favorite wedding memory actually comes from my own ceremony. There was a last-minute substitution in the clergy, so I was married by the Emergency Back-Up Minister. The guy was in his 80s, and was retired. He didn’t know the ceremony by heart, so he kept looking down at the script. He had enormous, heavy Mr. Magoo glasses which kept slipping down his nose each time he looked down, a stammer, and his false-teeth kept almost falling out of his mouth.

    The vidographer thought he worked for the freaking Crocodile Hunter or something, because he was bobbing and weaving as though there were wild animals snapping at his vitals. At one point he vaulted over a pew to get a shot of us lighting a candle.

    The whole thing was so surreal, every time my fella and I looked at each other, we were biting our lips, grinning, trying like hell not to burst out laughing. When it came time for our vows, all I could manage was, “Okay, sure!” to match my man’s “Yeah, uh-huh.”

    We almost fell over walking away. We were both laughing so hard, tears streaming down our faces, that we couldn’t see where we were going.

    Best. Wedding. Ever.

  10. Don’t enter me in the contest. I already have Rock Hard! It’s wonderful! Everyone should get it.

    My favorite wedding is mine. It was by candlelight, about 30 friends and family, and a JOP in my parents living room. We were poor. It was small and perfect. We laughed and giggled through the whole thing. I took that as fun things to come!
    I don’t know if I’ll watch…the hype is getting on my nerves.

  11. I don’t really have a favorite wedding memory. I do think I would prefer something more unique that is a tangible representation of the bride and grooms personalities/ I don’t have plans to watch the royal wedding but I might watch just because it’s not every day you get to witness royals getting married. 🙂

    Loved Backstage Pass and would love to read Rock Hard. Sounds SO good!

    Awesome blog and thanks for the opportunity to win such an amazing book!

  12. My favorite wedding memory is when my husband and I got married he was 39 and I was 34. He never thought he would get married, but when we did it was a very hot September day, and right after we said our I do’s the sky turned dark and gave a little rumble. One of his funny friends pipped up Hell just froze over. It made everyone laugh, but thankfully it did not rain the sun came back out and it was a beautiful night.

  13. I prefer an original wedding that reflects the couple’s personalities. Other than my own wedding (which was fantastic!), my favorite wedding memory is of being the flower girl at my uncle’s wedding when I was very little. I’m usually far from a girlie girl, but wearing a fancy dress and tossing out flower petals was very cool.

  14. I went to a costume party wedding on Halloween (about 18 years ago). The bride and groom dressed as vampires. They carried the groom to the altar in a casket. He emerged and made quite a production of his cape and fangs. Then they brought his bride out in another casket. All the guests wore costumes of their choice. It was definitely unique!

  15. I always thought Hether Locklear and Tommy Lee would always be great post Olivia.
    I don’t like traditonal weddings but I also don’t want one way out there. I like the subtle low key ceremonies.
    I don’t think I will watch the royal wedding.I’ll probably watch ET ot Access Hollywood and get the highlights.

  16. I like weddings that fit the personality of the couple but prefer mostly traditional. I will dvr the royal wedding and watch the highlights.

    my best wedding memory was when a friend got married in a small town and the reception spilled out into the street and people were dancing on main street as well as in the bar.

  17. I wanted to do an Elvis wedding in Vegas bit I married mister traditional…still married…very generic but beautiful wedding! Love destination weddings! Wont watch Will and Kate’s wedding…too early!
    Want to win ROCKHARD!

  18. I fell in love while working abroad. My family flew to London to attend the wedding. My then fiance and I were living in a one bedroom flat. We kept the bedroom, my brother camped on the balcony at night since it was summer, my sister and her boyfriend slept in the living room, and my mom insisted on sleeping in the kitchen. The latter was carpeted and had a door to give her privacy as a separate room from the living area. It was like a huge sleepover.

  19. My most memerable weadding has got to be my own…I was sick for an entire week before. So I barely made it! But it all worked out in the end!

    I like almost all weddings. I think they should be personallized to the couple. It is their day after all!

    I am not into the Royal Wedding, although my daughter who is about to turn 13 is al excited about it because she thinks the Prince is gook looking!

  20. Today is my 8th Wedding Anniversary! It was beautiful, but pretty traditional, basically for the sake of the family. If I had it my way now, I would definitely add more personality and uniqueness. If I had it my way then, I would have eloped, but that would have caused my mother a heart attack!

    I watched portions of the Royal Wedding, how could you turn on the television and not?! It was beautiful. Very traditional, not much of a glimpse at who William and Kate are, but still lovely.

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