Shall We Make Jonathan Rhys Meyers the Next Fabio?

I think Jonathan Rhys Meyers would make a wonderful addition to romance covers, don’t you? He’s such a dish! Absolutely scrumptious! I could watch him all day and I have on one of my Tudor marathons. Thank you for on demand!

Jonathan makes a great King Henry, and being such a stud, it’s no wonder girls flock to him. I think he could grace 400 or more romance covers before get got sick of him surely. His body is the perfect proportion of muscle and leanness.

Did you know he’s played 3 King characters? Elvis twice in the movie and mini series, and King Henry VIII. He could in my opinion play as knights in shining armor and hunky highlanders not to mention a prince or two! Perhaps even the occasional pirate.

On the subject of acting and sheer masculine beauty Meyers has this to say–

“To get up in front of a camera of course you have to have a certain amount of vanity. All acting is narcissism in some way. Would I be a narcissistic person? Absolutely. Am I vain? Absolutely. Any actor who sits down in front of you and tells you they’re not vain its bullshit. I’m sure a lot of actors are like ‘Oh no, I’m not vain I just look fabulous everyday’. Now they’d like to believe that themselves. Its all very carefully manipulated, and I’ve met and worked with some of the most beautiful actors in the world and then you see them on a cover of a magazine they don’t look like that, any of them, they just don’t.”

His is a vanity that I don’t mind at all. Now if only I could find out if he was seeing anybody! And speaking of dating brings me to another Meyers quote.

Meyers once said, “… I wouldn’t date an actress. There’s only room for one actor in my life and I’m it. Too difficult. On the one hand, they understand the job. But on the other hand, it’s very competitive within the relationship. Two actors, say one becomes a mega-star and the other doesn’t. Happens all the time. So one is getting so much attention, and the other person feels jealous.”

I’ll date you sweetheart! Drop me a line and I’ll email you my phone number! Grin.

I also found this fabulous little interview with Meyers about falling in love. It’s Tudor related so it’s like a double bonus!

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2 thoughts on “Shall We Make Jonathan Rhys Meyers the Next Fabio?”

  1. Yes, he’s very good looking. Loved him in Bend It Like Beckham and in the Elvis mini series. I’m actually considering him for the November Hunk Of The Month over on the Sapphire Blue Bombshells blog. I’m definitely adding him, it’s just a matter of which month I’m making his ( – :
    Don’t know if he’s involved with anyone, but I’ve heard he’s having drinking problems. Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, watch August Rush.

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