Sneak Peek of Butterflies and Bakeries (Faxfire Series, Book 3) by D. F. Krieger

Please meet D. F. Krieger, author of the Faxfire series. Erratic, artistic, and slightly insane; D. F. writes tales full of strange new worlds and creatures for her readers to discover. You can find writing advice and reviews from her on her blog, Or, if you wish to take a gander at her current projects, you can steal a glance on her site at Today, in celebration of the release of her newest print book, Wolves and Warrants: Faxfire Series Book 2, she has offered a sneak peek at book 3, Butterflies and Bakeries.

“You talk about my magic as if it is alive and has a mind of its own,” she protested.

“Feral instincts.” The words were spoken right in her ear and she jumped as Veltis materialized beside her. “Instincts and cognitive thought war within us every day. Magic is a feral instinct and if left untreated, unbound by the chains of reason, it can cause reactions that are out of our control and will.”

She gulped, understanding the point he was making all too well. “D-do you…” she stammered. “Do you have feral instincts?”

His eyes glittered dangerously as he leaned close, and sheer desire blasted through her body so hard she cried out and writhed on the couch. Instantly, her core ached with the need to be filled and her pussy grew wet.

“Oh, no, no, no.” Magic jumped up and inserted himself between them. His fur stood on end and he hissed at Veltis while his tail thumping in anger and warning.

The intense want—no, need— for sex left her so quickly that Zeara jerked and dug her nails into the couch. “What the fuck was that?” she asked, between gasps.

“My instincts,” Veltis replied with a dark chuckle.

She glared at him, trying to mask the fear that clenched at her heart. Throughout the past couple of days, she’d witness Veltis perform various acts that had been awe-inspiring, but she’d never grasped how powerful he was. She knew the demon had only given her a taste of what he was walling up, but somehow feeling all of what he caged made her afraid of him. “Lovely,” she snapped as sarcastically as she could. “So your instincts are to hump everything in sight.”

“Not everything,” he said. “Just you.”

We hope that you enjoyed this never-before-seen preview of Butterflies and Bakeries. Inquiring minds would like to know: If you had a demon to serve your every whim, what would you ask him or her to do for you?

Wolves and Warrants  200x300Book Blurb:Once you’ve discovered the Hidden World, you become part of it.

It was frightening at first, being overcome by this strange, invisible entity, but it was also empowering. The power was greater than Zeara, yet completely at her disposal, and she knew just what to do with it.

There is no rest for the weary as Zeara, Jake, and Magic are called upon by the very organization that threatened their lives. A murder investigation must take place in a local little town, but no one is quite sure who or what is dead, and why. It’s up to the team to place all the puzzle pieces when people start dying. The problem is, the local sheriff doesn’t want to cooperate and their most promising link to solving the case is in a psych ward. Can they solve it before another life is lost?

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