Susan’s Quoted on the Back of Accidental Highland Hero!

I’ve got some more fun news to share! Are you prepared for some major squeeing? I can wait. Ready?


And again… SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!! *Ahem…* I’m good now. 😉

Susan is quoted on the back of Terry Spear’s The Accidental Highland Hero!

Don’t you think that’s pretty darn awesome?! I do!

I knew about her quote since January, but waited to announce it to everybody until I had pictures (which she just sent me), because everything is more exciting with pictures. 😀

Her quote reads:

“This spicy historical will steal your breath, and capture your heart.”
-Susan Sigler, Love Romance Passion

And LOOK! It’s on the inside too!

How neat is that? Congrats Susan on your fabulous quote!

Susan will be sharing a full review in a few days time so keep your eyes peeled, but in the meanwhile feel free to go out and get a copy for yourself!

Buy: The Accidental Highland Hero

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  1. Susan S.

    Thank you, I’m all smiles!

  2. You should be!!! 😀

  3. Congratulations are in order!

  4. Susan S.

    Thank you, Isabel! 🙂 Hugs.

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