Susan’s Quoted on the Front of It Happened One Bite!

Susan just informed me that she was quoted on the front of It Happened One Bite by Lydia Dare! She sent me a picture and I have to tell you the cover for It Happened One Bite is gorgeous! I love it and not just because Love Romance Passion is listed on the front. 😉

For those who can’t see the text on the cover very well… here is it:

“Full of magick and desire… Lydia Dare casts a spell on her readers!”

Isn’t it just totally awesome!?! Woot!

The quote comes from Susan’s review of Tall, Dark, and Wolfish by Lydia Dare which you can check out for yourself.

Now I’m going to brag on her… because you see this is Susan’s second book quote! The other was for Terry Spear’s Accidental Highland Hero.

Way to go Susan! You totally rock 😀

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8 thoughts on “Susan’s Quoted on the Front of It Happened One Bite!”

  1. Thanks, Keira. I’ve had a love affair for books my entire life. I remember visiting our local McCrory’s when I was young and my late maternal grandmother buying me books. Although she’s gone, my love for reading never left. So, when I read a book…I’m happy. But, when I come across my quotes on a wonderful book that an author(s) worked extremely hard on, well—I can’t even begin to tell you how I feel. And when I see Love Romance Passion’s name on a novel, I always think back on the day “one author” led me here. A blog site I loved from the moment I arrived. **Squee, squee** Now, that I’ve given my very lengthy speech—let’s all take a moment to just savor the covers. (Sigh).

  2. Technically…it’s my 3rd time. Inside Carolyn Brown’s Honky Tonk Christmas, the 1st pages showcase quotes from different sites, my quote is included on the 1st page along with this site. 🙂

  3. Keira, one of your quotes is on the cover of Seduced by the Wolf and another on the back cover of Legend of the White Wolf.
    I’ll attempt to take pictures of them for you.

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