Review: Two Sinful Secrets (The Scandalous St. Claires, Book 2) by Laurel McKee

two sinful secretsHero: Dominic St. Claire and his brothers continue to uphold a feud that started many years ago with the Huntingtons, involving older relatives on both sides. They brothers blame the Huntingtons for the loss of their family fortune. Revenge would be sweet and Lady Sophia would be perfect target. Dominic decides he will elope with her and then dump her at the altar, forever ruining her. What will he do, however, when his treacherous heart gets involved?

Heroine: When Lady Sophia Huntington, now Mrs. Westman, was younger refused to give up a man she thought she loved was banished from her family’s bosom. He wasn’t such a prince after all. Widowed now, Sophia is betting against the house in order to survive and maybe to finally make her way home. But blast it all! She can’t possibly win her family’s forgiveness if she shows up with Dominic St. Claire. Can she?

Review: I could have done without the obsessed stalker hunting the heroine. In my opinion, it was superfluous to the storyline. The revenge plot could have had more oomph. It’s hard to feel for somebody holding onto a grudge that really isn’t his to hold. One of the hottest scenes in the book is the very first chapter. It introduces both characters and a meeting they had prior to the start of the main action. She’s a masked figure gambling in his family’s gaming establishment. Sophia knows who Dominic is, but he does not know her. They share quite a passionate kiss before she breaks it off and runs away. It’s a moment neither party can forget or the reader.


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Review: Wild Rides by Elizabeth Coldwell

Reviewed by Sharon S.

Ridden Hard, Stud to Go, Layover… A collection of three intensely erotic gay novellas – prepare yourself for a Wild Ride!

Whew! I think I need to fan myself after reading these stories <G>.  I read and reviewed Ridden Hard a while back for LRP and gave it 5 stars. So when I got a chance to read more by Coldwell I jumped at the chance. I always say I don’t like erotica, but I think I might have to rethink that when it comes to m/m romances. These three stories are over the top, throwing every possible sexual scenario at you in a very short amount of time. Ben, the lead character in Stud to Go manages to be involved in voyeurism, BDSM, ménage, masturbation and probably some others I forgot, with multiple people. In his defense, he was working as a male escort.

These stories worked for me because of how well developed and likable the characters are.  Each story is told in the first person POV, which I am quite fond of. I immediately loved each lead character. They are good natured, funny and all around nice guys. Coldwell has a talent for writing wonderful characters and she will have you rooting for them and their HEA, which they all get I might add.  The sex might be rough and crazy, but the romance behind all that is so strong and sweet it will leave you wanting more.

My favorite of the three was Stud to Go. I loved Ben and Jeroen. It is almost like a m/m version of Pretty Woman (for those who remember that one <G>). Layover was my least favorite of the three, but I still liked it! We are talking 5 stars vs 4 stars, but I didn’t feel the same connection between Cal and Justin as I did with the other two couples.

If you like m/m, HEA, and freaking hot sex, then you will love this collection 🙂


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Review: His at Night by Sherry Thomas

Tired of spy lords in Regencies? If you said yes, make an exception for His at Night, because it’s not tired. It’s very much awake and zesty. Sherry Thomas has taken this subgenre of Regencies and gave it a fabulous new life… by making the Marquess a blithering idiot. Oh I see your incredulous expression, but yes, a blithering idiot makes all the difference.

The secretly intelligent Lord Vere plays the idiot for everyone in the ton. He mixes up facts, wanders into places he shouldn’t, forgets things from one minute to the next, talks incessantly, and has a puffed up impression of himself. He’s the most nonsensical man around and the last guy anyone would want to marry.

That is except for Elissande (Ellie) Edgerton, a sheltered spinster desperate to escape her uncle’s oppressive household and take her aunt with her. When Lady Kingsley shows up at her door with a house party in tow and a sob story to share, Ellie agrees to let them stay while her uncle’s gone to London. She’s thrilled with Lord Vere’s presence (and he’s similarly knocked out by her) but the illusion cracks when he begins to talk (and she begins to smile).

Spencer recognizes Ellie’s acting, but he can’t breech the disconnect between her public self and her private self. He thinks they’re one and the same. Ellie at first doesn’t see that the idiot is an act… but eventually her own training at the hands of her uncle help her to see through his successful illusion. If only she can get him to break it and be real with her!

In an attempt to snag Spencer’s brother Freddie, Ellie gets stuck with the idiot in a marriage of convenience. But to stay safe from her uncle, Ellie can’t have a marriage easily broken by an annulment, which leads to their first sexual encountered. It’s hot because it’s abruptly aborted allowing them to try again when they’re both more clearheaded.

How can two people, forced to be actors, let go of their lines and let the truth out?

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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Movie Review: 17 Again starring Matthew Perry and Zack Efron

I read a really funny review of 17 Again right before going to see the movie. It said something along the lines of if you can suspend belief that someone who looked like Zack Efron could wind up looking like Matthew Perry in twenty years then you can enjoy the movie. Truer words never spoken.

Matthew Perry plays in the beginning and at the end of the movie with the majority of the film being driven by Zack Efron. What I liked about the casting the most (besides that Zack is such a hunk) was that both Matthew and Zack developed and acted mannerisms in the same way and also were able to deliver similar lines in the same manner.

Zack was also very believable. He did nothing over the top. It was funny to watch him extract himself from his “daughter’s clutches” and a delight to watch him become good friends with his son. While there was a slight weird factor, it was still cute to watch him fall back in love with his wife. Very romantic. Loved his scene in the court room!


I was non-stop laughing throughout this movie. I was laughing at everything (in a good way) from the dialogue to the actors to the clothes. I highly recommend going to see this movie. It’s feel good, ends happy, and let’s face it has Zack Efron in it. What more of a reason do you need?

As I was walking out of the theater, everybody was raving. If you’re still not convinced go in the morning to a matinee and pay less for your ticket. You’ll be glad you did.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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Guess the Chest #10-12

We’re moving right along… some guesses have been dead on and some guesses are wrong. I’ll give you a hint all the chests belong to actors… cough #3 cough


This hunk of burning love made a splash by being blond instead of brunette. Can you guess who and why?



I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for him to drop that robe!



He’s got abs of steel and buns too…


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