Review: She Likes it Rough by GVR Corcillo

Review: She Likes it Rough by GVR Corcilloby Sandra Scholes

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes Synopsis: Opposites attract, or at least that is supposed to be the theory, but how can Lisa Flyte change her lazy ways when she has lived a lifetime of sitting on the couch viewing life from through her TV set? There is only one thing that will serve to motivate her […]

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Review: Kick Start (Dangerous Ground, Book 5) by Josh Lanyon

Review: Kick Start (Dangerous Ground, Book 5) by Josh Lanyonby Sharon S.

Reviewed by Sharon S. Will is finally braced to bring Taylor home to meet the folks. Unfortunately, not every member of the Brandt clan loves Taylor the way Will does. Then again, not everyone loves the Brandts. In fact, someone has a score to settle — and too bad for any former DS agents who […]

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Review: Romance Abroad by Annie Seaton

Review: Romance Abroad by Annie Seatonby Lynn Reynolds

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds Please make sure to read the letter from the author. She reminds us that sometimes we forget that authors started out as readers just like us. She also reminds us how diverse other countries are – which is something I tend to forget. I also love to find out that I […]

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Sushi – The Food of Love?

Sushi – The Food of Love?by Guest Blogger

by Christina Courtenay, guest blogger and author of The Scarlet Kimono Hello Keira and thank you so much for inviting me onto your lovely blog to tell you a bit about my new novel The Scarlet Kimono. From the heading of this post and the title of the book you’ve probably already guessed that it’s […]

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