Review: Polished by Alyssa Turner

polishedReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Spencer Hartley is every woman’s dream, a daredevil of a man, he climbs mountains, blows stuff up and does other things that many might shy away from, but even though he loves his girlfriend Rory a great deal, he has never told anyone that he also has another side to his sexuality – he secretly yearns for a man to share some time with, and he finds the truth about his inner nature as disturbing as it gets.

Jack Rothman on the other hand works for his fathers engineering firm, and after a long day there, he finds he enjoys illicit sex with any man who stirs his insatiable male libido, but none of the guys who get into his bed fulfill him, and he soon tires of his sex life until he meets Spencer purely by accident in a flooded subway tunnel one night, and they need each other to keep from certain death. Once he’s been around Jack a while, he finds he wants to be around him more and explore his gay side with him, and as if from heaven, Rory takes in what he tells her, and she tells him she wants to spend the night with the two of them.

Good bits:

  • The steamy sex scene between Rory and Spencer nearly 20 pages in – sizzle!
  • When Jack and Spencer get talking about their lives and Spencer tells him about Rory when they are trapped underground. It’s a scene that can really choke you up.
  • While everything seems perfect in Spencer’s life, Jack feels he wants things he can’t have, and that comes through in the dialogue between him and Spencer – it seems money really can’t buy good company after all.

Bad bits:

  • Too much rock climbing!

Review: You can see that Spencer loves Rory a lot, and she dotes on him, hating the fact he has to be away from her for long periods of time due to his rather demanding job. She tries to make him happy and when she gets the opportunity, she will go on trips mountain climbing just to feel like he does, but he knows there is something missing in their relationship, and that’s Jack Rothman. You might be forgiven for thinking that he should be happy. He isn’t like a lot of other people who are single and can’t find that certain someone that makes them smile or is great in bed. Spencer is a very lucky man to have Rory, and some might think he is being selfish for wanting to have someone else in their relationship. Then again, the whole point of this novel is that they are having a ménage, and it is one that has a nice build up to it, and I, like many women out there like the idea of two men having some fun together.

Spencer and Jack are two different people who see things the same way, even though Spencer is in a good relationship with Rory, Jack is bored with his one night stands with either men or women, the women he thinks are worse as they see dollar signs every time he gets with them. He is a man who feels unfulfilled, and needs someone as a distraction from all that is wrong in his life.

Summary: Polished by Alyssa Turner delights in teasing and pushing two men together who might not have had the chance to be together if they hadn’t worked in the same place. Jack, Rory and Spencer get on very well in this story, and that’s when the steamy rating goes up to a sizzling five.


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Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

Guest Blog by Alyssa Turner, author of Polished

Thank you to the Love Romance Passion team for lending me their blog. What a pleasure to share some of my ramblings with you!

People like to ask, “Where do you get your inspiration?” Images are a great source of nutrition for my muse. I feed her a steady diet of sexy pics every day. For fun, a few of my author friends and I get together and share our inspiration with the reader and author community on Facebook. The images we post are often provocative, inspiring intricately woven plot ideas. Some of them will make it into full blown stories or even novels, I’m sure of it. But the biggest part of the fun is watching everyone else in the event add to the story. We have no idea what will come next. It’s like a trapeze act without a net; a wild time and truly a blast. The event is called Meet My Sexy Muse and it’s open to everyone on Facebook who likes Erotic Romance and likes their erom to be hot! Join us for our next episode, we’d love to have you!

Event link:

For my latest release, Polished, I collected a host of images that blossomed into a intertwining ménage story out now. Here’s one of my inspirational images, followed by an excerpt from the heart of the book. Polished has been described as emotional and hot, two of my most favorite adjectives! I hope you enjoy your peek into Spencer, Rory and Jack’s story.



It seemed like they had everything, but they didn’t have Jack.

Without question Spencer Hartley burns hot for his girlfriend, Rory, but his other desires are hidden down deep. He might blow things up for a living and climb mountains for kicks, but the scariest thing in his life is the truth about his sexuality.

Jack Rothman works hard and plays dirty. After long, demanding days in his family’s engineering firm, he indulges in the pleasures of silk restraints and fine wine. Lots of hot meaningless sex helps him forget that he’s suffocating, with no one to give him a reason to breathe.

When a catastrophic accident traps Spencer in a flooded subway tunnel with Jack, they need each other to survive. But something strong stirs down there in the darkness, and it’s more than their desperation to live. There’s a spark between them that’s impossible to ignore.

Rory Campbell would love to give Spencer the one thing he doesn’t have, the freedom to explore his secret desires. But how does that fit into her picture-perfect relationship? When Jack invites the couple to his sprawling Hamptons beach house, Rory realizes that she has secret desires of her own—the kind only Jack’s Dominant hand across her bare bottom can satisfy…

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Polished-AlyssaTurner-453x680Excerpt: The house phone rang just as she traded her desk for the couch. With her feet on the coffee table she chewed her pencil and listened with mild interest as Spencer picked up.

“Hey, Jack. How’s the shoulder?” Spencer said.

She watched the wide grin bloom on Spencer’s face as he listened to Jack’s response. Her book dropped absently to her lap and she leaned forward as her focus shifted toward the one-sided conversation.

“Yeah, it’s better. Just tired of feeling like a gimp, you know?” He laughed. “She’s great. Studying like a maniac. Last test is on Friday.” He laughed again. “Yeah, you could say that.”

Rory crinkled her brow, wondering what Jack could be saying about her.

“Hmm. That sounds like a good plan. Let me check with her.” He nodded, all teeth flashing through his wide grin. “You have no idea, dude. Just a sec.” With his hand covering the receiver, Spencer turned his attention to Rory. “Jack is going to the Hamptons for the weekend for some kind of sailing regatta. He wants to know if we want to come.”

Rory had visions of watching gorgeous sailboats from a sun-drenched beach with a glass of chardonnay and the breeze tangling her hair. Hell yes, she wanted to go to the Hamptons for the weekend. She nodded excitedly. If she was honest with herself, there was another reason for the prickles of anticipation at the back of her neck.

“Yeah, Jack. We’re in.” Spencer was saying into the receiver. “Just text me the details.” Another laugh and Spencer sighed. “I’m getting there. Should have this cast off in another few weeks.”

Rory focused on the weightless tone in his voice, the lilting sound of genuine delight. It was becoming apparent that Jack Rothman energized Spencer in a way she’d never witnessed with anyone else. As her heart beat a little faster, she couldn’t deny that Jack had the same effect on her. It was a curious phenomenon, one that sharpened her senses and kept her eyes fixed on Spencer’s every move.

“OK, you do the same.” He nodded. “Yeah, should be a good time. Thanks for inviting us…got it. Later.”

When he’d hung up, Rory’s eyebrows were pinched into a deep furrow. “You didn’t ask him what I should bring to wear.”

“We’re going to the beach. Wear a bathing suit.”

Rory rolled her eyes. “You are so clueless sometimes.” She held out her hand and wiggled her fingers. “Give me the phone. I’ll ask him.”

He shrugged and handed her the phone, plopping down on the sofa next to her. She leaned on his substantial chest and dialed *69 to call back the last number. Spencer played with her hair as she listened for the ring, winding one of her wavy locks round and round his finger with an amused look on his face. By the time Jack answered, Spencer’s fingers had wandered to her nipple.

She put her hand over the receiver. “Stop, Spencer. I’m on the phone.”

“Rory?” Jack said. The way he said her name snapped her attention right back to him.

“Hi, Jack. I wanted to thank you for the invitation.” For the moment, Spencer stilled with her nipple captured softly between his thumb and index finger.

“You’re so welcome. I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Me too.” Suddenly Spencer squeezed her nipple and she squealed with the bright flare of tingles that flashed through her breast. “Stop it, you brute!” Rory said between gritted teeth, glaring at Spencer. As hard as she tried, it was hard to keep the giggle out of her voice.

“What’s he doing to you, Ror? Sounds like you need some help,” Jack said, with a tinge of curiosity in his voice.

“Spencer is being a bad boy,” Rory responded, frozen to the sight of Spencer’s beckoning mouth as it hovered over her newly exposed breast. She sighed, having momentarily forgotten all about why she’d placed the call.

“Tell me what he’s doing.” Jack’s voice had turned gritty and blunt.

Rory’s pussy quivered with the outright strength of his command. For a second she felt compelled to answer him, truthfully, without shame or embarrassment, as Spencer ran his tongue in a teasing circle around her areola. She bit her lip to keep the words inside her mouth.

“Rory, are you there?”

The spell was broken. “I wanted to know what I should bring to wear.” It was a funny question, since Spencer was in the midst of doing what he could to undress her.

Jack let out a raspy chuckle. “You’ll be the prettiest thing on the shore no matter what. Wear what you want.”

Her cheeks flushed hot. Maybe it was his compliment, or maybe it was the way Spencer nibbled his way down her belly. She eased back against the cushions and flicked her fingers into his hair, half-swat, half-caress. “You’re not giving me any help. This will be my first trip hanging out with the swanky Hamptons set. I just don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb.”

“No question, you’re going to stand out. There’s nothing you could wear that won’t have everyone’s attention.”

Rory wondered for a moment what to say to that. As it happened, she didn’t have to say anything. “A sundress or walking shorts are fine for the regatta,” Jack continued, “but I plan to take the two of you to the opening gala, so pack something for evening also.”

“Something for evening? Like a cocktail dress?”

“I’m sure you’ve got one of those all-purpose little black numbers tucked in your closet somewhere.”

Rory squirmed under the delicate slurps Spencer made on her ribs. The tiniest of whimpers eased over her bottom lip.

Jack’s voice took a turn back toward that gritty tone that made Rory’s toes curl. “Can I help with anything else, Rory?”

She managed to answer him somehow. “No.”

“Spencer still being a bad boy?”

Her pussy creamed and she heard Jack swallow hard on the other end of the line. That curious electricity wasn’t just with Spencer. “Umm…we’ll see you on Friday.”

“Friday, yeah.” He paused for a second. Rory took a breath, ready to say goodbye, but there was more. “It’ll be a good time, I promise.”

“With you, I don’t doubt it.” Spencer was pulling her panties over her hips. “Got to go now, Jack.”

“Goodbye, Rory.”

“Bye, Jack.” She closed her connection and peered over her partially exposed breasts at Spencer as he trailed his lips along the inside of her thigh.

“Get what you needed?” Spencer asked, his mouth forming the words against her skin. He slipped two fingers into her wetness and looked up at her with a mischievous grin. “You sure had a lot to chat about.”

“I bet you thought it was hilarious to make me sound like a dribbling idiot on the phone with him.”

He scissored two fingers slightly and pulled her lips apart. “Baby, you’re dribbling all right.”

Rory watched as he slurped up the juices glistening on his fingers. The pop of greedy suction made her insides clench with hunger.

“Only I didn’t think it was hilarious. It was sexy as hell to watch you get all buzzed and slippery, trying to hold it together with him.” He nuzzled her clit with his nose and placed a soft openmouthed kiss on her entry. “Don’t worry, Jack had no idea what was cooking between these gorgeous legs of yours while you two discussed proper attire.”

But he did know. Rory was sure of it. “I think he was getting off on the idea. He could hear it in my voice.”

“I thought you said he was gay.”

Rory shrugged. “He knew, and he liked it.”

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Alyssa Turner 2 cropAuthor Bio: If you asked her, she’d say it all started with her vast collection of paper dolls. That’s how long Alyssa Turner has been crafting intricate story lines full of twists and turns and memorable characters. Thirty years later, her stories are now quite grown up.

She writes erotica and erotic romance in all lengths, having been featured in the notable anthologies of Best Women’s Erotica, edited by Violet Blue and several from Rachel Kramer Bussel. With her proclivity for the ménage genre, Alyssa is often recognized for weaving complexity and emotional depth into her characters and plots.

Alyssa has more than several full length novels under her belt and no two stories are the same. For Alyssa, it’s much more fun to try something new. Read more about Alyssa Turner and preview her published works on her blog.