Review: Thrones of Desire by Mitzi Szereto

thrones of desireReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Get ready for fourteen stories of erotic fantasy romance. There’s a queen from a far off lands, the usual array of dragons, unusual kingdoms, sacrifices, saints and heroes. This anthology seems to have been labelled as Game of Thrones style literature, but taken to a sensual extreme, yet these stories by Eric Del Carlo, Nyla Nox, Ashley Lister and Jo Wu are more than just that kind of fantasy, as they have put their own original style and characters into each one.

Characters: Meet Caffax the dragon master who has been kept out of battle for an…indiscretion with a raunchy supply clerk, Gareth who is a knight with a difference, Miar an apprentice and a virgin kept for a master who thinks Miar’s virginity would be his prize, and Caspian who has a wolf’s strength, so much so, something has to be done about him.

Review: One of the things I was most amazed and at the same time impressed at was the Foreward by Piers Anthony, I grew up reading his fiction, so it was a thrilling thing for me to find this as soon as I sat at the computer ready to read this. As he rightly points out, when men write erotic fantasy, it’s about men wanting to bed everything that moves then move onto the next woman, but women write erotic fantasy in a different way; they take their time establishing the characters, and wait a while before pushing the male and female characters in an embrace they hope will last the test of time. It doesn’t always, but that’s half the fun of reading it.

Summary: If you like J RR Tolkien’s work, and also the work of George RR Martin with a lot of eroticism thrown in for good measure, you’ll enjoy this to bits.


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Review: A Marquis to Marry By Amelia Grey


by Susan Sigler, guest reviewer

A Marquis to Marry exemplifies the very essence of what a romance novel should be. It was superbly written and I’ve added Amelia Grey to my list of top authors. This is a novel I’ll read time and time again!

I recommend this book to every romance lover, regardless of their favorite sub-genre. This was a happy, witty, feel good romantic tale I know you’ll love.

A Marquis to Marry is book 2 of Grey’s (The Rogues’ Dynasty Trilogy). It completely stands alone, and you do not need to read book 1 A Duke to Die For in order to follow the story.

The Marquis (Alexander Mitchell Raceworth) is absolutely stunned, when a young Dowager Duchess by the name of (Susannah Brookefield ) accuses him of having “her” grandmother’s Talbot pearls. The very pearls “his” grandmother (Lady Elder) left to him in her will.

Susannah travels from Chapel Gate to London, with the misconception that all will be resolved quickly. What she didn’t foresee was that Race would be so stubborn! It seems she’s not the only one after the pearls; there are 3 men who also covet them. When the pearls are stolen, it’s a race against time to find the thief and recover the pearls.

Susannah has a lot to accomplish: retrieve the pearls, resist Race’s handsome good looks, convince him the pearls belong in her family not his, and re-enter London’s Polite Society despite her tarnished reputation of youth.

Every time Race calls the Duchess by her Christian name Susannah, it made my heart skip a beat. Grey has you feel the emotion & want, that emanates from the hero.

Things I enjoyed:

  • Race’s shock when Susannah invites him to her bedchamber
  • The camaraderie between Race, his cousins, and their older friend Gibby
  • How Race pursues Susannah
  • His informal notes to her
  • The way Grey expertly transitions you from reader to character, you’ll feel every emotion as Susannah and Race fall in love

I didn’t grant this book the full 5 stars because of the pugilist (boxing match). It stole time away from the main characters, time I wanted for Susannah and Race.

A Marquis to Marry was absolutely beautiful! I’m eager to read book 3 An Earl To Enchant, which is set to release in April 2010.


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Regency Romance, ARC, Trilogy, Sourcebooks, Inc., Casablanca, October 2009, Print Pages 359.
ISBN-10: 1402217609 ISBN-13: 978-1402217609.

Review: Beyond Heaving Bosoms by Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan

beyondheavingbosoms I won the Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches’ Guide to Romance Novels in the SBTB ARC giveaway contest. When I got it in the mail I ripped the packaging and squeed! About two chapters into the guide my first thought beyond the squeeing was this…

English/Lit grad students working with romance novels: Smart Bitches just pwned your thesis. Scrap what you got and start over. Think I’m kidding? Ignore my advice and you will Not Pass Go and Collect $200 you’ll just go straight to FAIL.

My second thought another two chapters down the road was…

SBTB has written the ultimate end all be all guide for romances. You won’t be able to talk about romance again without using this book because they’ve covered it all: lead types, plot tropes, standard clichés, wtf moments, sex, and HEA’s.

Sarah and Candy have written a terrific book. Their guide to romances will definitely bring tears of laughter to your eyes as well as enlighten readers to why women love to read romances… the shortcut answer is all about the hero and heroine… or maybe it’s all in the Magic Hoo-Hoo? Hmm… tricky. I guess you’ll have to read to find out for yourself.

The tone of the novel is set to read like your best friend breaking down the facts of romance for you to understand, potty language and crude jokes included. Pick this book up for no other reason than to read and learn about the different types of heroes and heroines. It’s sure to bust your gut because you’ve probably come across at least one of each… like the too stupid to live heroine.

Fans and Scorners ignore Beyond Heaving Bosoms at your own peril… especially the scorners for we just might throw the 80’s Rapist Hero at you.


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Guess the Chest #16-18

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Chest #16

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky… who’s bed is he climbing out of?


Chest #17

He’s a little geeky, a little heroic, and definitely funny.


Chest #18

One third of a love triangle…


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Guess the Chest #6 and #7

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The next chest has featured in women’s fantasies, both young and old. His chest is a very iconic one in a certain film.


I was surprised by how hunky this next fellow is… I don’t know why really as I’ve always found him yummy on the eyes. I suppose it is because I never think of him when he’s shirtless…


Which of course, is now burned into my retinas and is very happily lodged there.