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Where is the Love? How Writers are Forced to Cheat

Where is the Love? How Writers are Forced to Cheatby Guest Blogger

I’m Ava Bleu, author of contemporary and edgy inspirational romance, and I just want to know why things have to be so hard for writers? If you are a lover of romance novels you have probably heard more than one author explain that they still have their day job because it is terribly hard to […]

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We All Have Our Weaknesses…

We All Have Our Weaknesses…by Guest Blogger

by Ava Bleu, guest blogger When people find out I’m a writer (I love saying that! :)), the first thing they tell me is that they could never come up with anything interesting enough to write about. I tell them they surely could. They listen and nod politely but I can see the shutter closing […]

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