Review: Marriage Made on Paper by Maisey Yates

Review: Marriage Made on Paper by Maisey Yatesby Keira G

Heroine: Lily Ford runs her own public relations business. When a new deal demands exclusivity, she dumps the competition in a hot minute. Who knew the exclusivity also meant sacrificing her personal life? Being at a tycoon’s beck and call may sound sexy, but it means early mornings, late nights, and plenty of firefighting to […]

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The Top 10 Hero Types:

The Top 10 Hero Types:by Keira G

Who is the ultimate hero in your books? Bad Boy Hero: The Bad Boy hero is in a league of his own. More heroines and readers/viewers have fallen for the Bad Boy than any other hero. He is the ultimate rebel: mysterious, seemingly indifferent, and hard to get. He starts off behaving badly and unrepentant. […]

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Movie Review: Arthur starring Russell Brand and Greta Gerwig

Movie Review: Arthur starring Russell Brand and Greta Gerwigby Keira G

Spoilers ahead. Arthur Bach is billionaire playboy who refuses to grow up. He has a serious drinking problem and a maturity level of a two year old. (This problem is blamed on the death of his father at a very young age and the fact that his mother is as cold a fish as there […]

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8 Things about Romance That I’m Thankful For

8 Things about Romance That I’m Thankful Forby Keira G

This is the perfect day to give thanks and without further ado here is what I am most thankful for about romance: Billionaires. Like Harlequin, I am thankful for billionaire heroes. Can you imagine an arrogant, brooding, and handsome Harlequin man not being the CEO of his own company? The horror! Shudders. Category romance would […]

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Review: The Frenchman’s Marriage Demand by Chantelle Shaw

Review: The Frenchman's Marriage Demand by Chantelle Shawby Keira G

FYI: This is basically a rant review with spoilers. Freya Addison once loved Zac Deverell with all her heart, but Zac was a billionaire playboy used to getting what he wanted when he wanted. After pursuing Freya, enticing her to first work as a stewardess on his yacht then seducing her into his bedroom he […]

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Romancing Trashy Novels #5

Romancing Trashy Novels #5by Keira G

There are over 50 hand selected links in this edition. That’s pretty fan-freaking-tastic if I do say so myself. Due to the crazy amount of awesome content linked to below, I pulled out what I think are the top 10 articles from the batch. If you read nothing else, read these. Have a great Sunday! […]

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Fabio Search #7: Rafael Lazzini

Fabio Search #7: Rafael Lazziniby Keira G

Rafael Lazzini, a Brazilian male model, was recommended as a candidate for our Fabio search by Lex Valentine. When you get the chance to take a closer look later in this post at the boy you’ll see he’s the epitome of salty goodness. At 6’2″ and 176 pounds, Lazzini is a mean lean muscle bound […]

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