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Regency Rakes and Their All Too Often Naughtiest Traits

Regency Rakes and Their All Too Often Naughtiest Traitsby Sandra Scholes

by Sandra Scholes, guest blogger Rakes are numerous in Regency romance novels, as a peek through a Mills and Boon or Jane Austen paperback will tell enough about a supposed gentleman’s personality, but what are the man’s traits that separate men in fiction from the rakish rogues in popular historical novels today? What makes a […]

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Erotic Romance, Not Just Erotica and Romance

Erotic Romance, Not Just Erotica and Romanceby Guest Blogger

by Cecilia Tan, guest blogger Our tale begins in 1970, which is the year some point to as the beginning of the modern romance genre, with the arrival of the manuscript The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss on the desk of editor Nancy Coffey at Avon. The book would be a huge […]

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The Romance Novel – Women’s Porn?

The Romance Novel - Women's Porn?by Keira

This question has been asked in one form or another since romance novels went mainstream. Authors have been dismissed because they write romance instead of science fiction or crime books or other normal genres.  If the cover has bulging pectorals and swooning women then it must be girl porn. Shame on you, haven’t you heard […]

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