Three Pet Peeves That Get My Goat

Three Pet Peeves That Get My Goatby Keira G

Many of us have pet peeves when it comes to our reading habits. There are certain things that when executed just about darn get our goat. For me, I have three pet peeves that really get my ire up; I wonder if you’ll agree. Contradictions – If a character has never roller-skated don’t make the […]

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You Might Be a Reader If…

You Might Be a Reader If…by Keira G

The idea for this post comes from Lynn Byer. Thanks for the inspiration! Here are some sure signs you are not a casual reader but an avid reader: You bought an ereader and now do a good portion of your reading on it. (True!) You remember to charge your ereader more than your phone. (Yes, […]

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