Review: A Royal Pain by Megan Mulry

meganmulryroyalpainHeroine: Bronte Talbott unashamedly follows the tabloids chronicling the lives of British royals. Just because Prince Charming would be nice, doesn’t mean Bronte shuts the door on other hopefuls. Unfortunately for her, she gets burned when her Texan sweetie dumps her flat after she moves from NYC to Chicago. Ouch. Pride keeps her from returning to NYC, which just may be a good thing because Bronte trips over a royal in disguise at a local bookstore.

Hero: Max Heyworth is a Duke, but he’s come to America to get away from that and also to study for his Masters. Max takes Bronte up on her scintillating offer of sex without strings. Of course, what Bronte doesn’t know is that Max isn’t looking for just sex… though the sex is steamy! Can he woo her well enough to convince her marrying royalty is worth the pain?

Review: You have it all – the near miss meetings, the fated romance, British royalty, a sexy smart Duke, a career-forward heroine, family illness, sex without strings, secrets, the mutual friends, and a dash of realism. Bronte is a bit too potty mouth for me, but overall the language is used for humor. I love how free Bronte is with Max for the most part considering her recent slump with the Texan. Part of it is because she thinks Max is a rebound guy and only there for a short period. She opens up and talks more and shares her true self instead of her dating-resume-self. What’s fun is that she is going by the motto “brutal honesty” while the hero hides a large secret about his lifestyle. Can we say trouble? One of my favorite books this year!


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