Review: Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, Book 3) by Ruthie Knox

flirting with disasterReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Katie Clark is in the car while her brother Caleb talks to her.  Sean Owens is sitting next to her while this conversation is going on.  They work at Camelot Security.

I love how Ruthie gives her readers a hero that is not perfect – it just makes him more human.  It’s not a physical imperfection so you can still make him as cute as you want.  He also didn’t have the storybook life growing up.  Katie’s life isn’t perfect either – she seems to be a little quirky.

There’s one scene where Sean and Katie are talking about how they read a book.  Katie’s way is very interesting.  But it begs the question, “Are you the same way?”  I have to admit that in the past sometimes I wouldn’t buy a book before I did the same as Katie.

As part of their job, Katie and Sean are to protect a singer.  This is where we’re given a little mystery.  At times you may be a little confused as to what the singer is hiding but the mystery doesn’t take away from how good this story is.

Ruthie writes some really hot and sexy scenes that fit right in with the great storyline.  Sexy movies have nothing on Ruthie.  You get better dialogue, more for the imagination, and people who are more normal than those that are so fake in the adult films.  She also shows that falling in love isn’t easy especially if it’s not the second time around.  And also that a person may be less than perfect but they can fall in love just like anyone else.

This is turning out to be a great series.  It makes me want to take a trip and find Camelot.  If you go to Ruthie’s web site,, you can get some information about the first two books, which I hope you have read, and a sneak peek into her next book titled Making It Last. 


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Review: Along Came Trouble (Camelot, Book 2) by Ruthie Knox

Along Came TroubleReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Ellen Callahan is having problems with photographers. Not surprising when you have a famous, or infamous, family member. Caleb Clark has come to help Ellen. But you will find that she is a very strong-willed woman. Ruthie shows the reader that it doesn’t matter where you live, the paparazzi will follow a story – they only see the dollar signs. It takes a certain type of person that can protect people from the vultures that carry a camera. But they are also human and still have feelings and we see how important family is to Caleb.

Ruthie goes on to show how vulnerable a single mother can be – especially when the woman is trying to kick start a love life. She also shows that just because a woman has a child doesn’t mean that her womanhood ceases to exist. There was a scene where there is a conversation going on between Ellen and Caleb that just had me laughing. Ruthie does a great job about always putting some comic relief in her work.

Even though Ellen’s brother is a secondary character, we can see how diametric our brother and sister are. And Ruthie feeds on the reader’s preconceived notions about how celebrities act. Especially with the amount of press some celebrities are getting lately. But even though Ellen’s brother is a celebrity, I love their interaction. I have three brothers and wish we had that type of camaraderie.

This is was a great follow-up to book one. If you go to Ruthie’s web site,, you can get some information about the first book, which I hope you have read, and a sneak peek into her next book titled Flirting with Disaster. If you’ve liked the first two books in the Camelot series you will want to make sure to get book three.

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Review: How to Misbehave (Camelot, Book 1) by Ruthie Knox

How to MisbehaveReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Amber Clark is stuck in a building when a tornado siren goes off. The Camelot Community Center is under construction and Tony Mazzara is one of the crew. What a way to start off this new series. Just like nature sweeps in so does Tony to claim Amber.

Ruthie is an author that knows how to create a lot of heat between her two main characters. She also seems to play to our preconceived notions on how they will act around each other. Ruthie is also not afraid to use graphic language between them. Now don’t be shy – it’s shows the reader how much it turns them on. And that begs the question – what turns you on?

This is another great read by Ruthie. If you liked this one, make sure to watch out for book two in this series titled Along Came Trouble (coming out in March). If you go to Ruthie’s web site,, you can get some information about book two as well as book three titled Flirting with Disaster (coming out in June). You can’t go wrong in following this series.


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