Review: Too Dangerous to Desire (Lords of Midnight, Book 3) by Cara Elliott

Too Dangerous to DesireHeroine: Sophie Lawrance knows passionate love doesn’t always conquer all. It certainly didn’t help her in the past, when she felt it her duty to refuse her heart. Instead of fighting for her, her lover ran away. And it definitely can’t help her now that she is in the middle of a blackmail scheme meant to ruin her father’s reputation and her sister’s happiness. Or can it? Can she trust the pirate with the face of her first love to help?

Hero: Cameron Daggett, the man whose hand in marriage Sophie once rejected, is good at living in the shadows. When his present unexpectedly collides with his past, he has to know what brings her back into his sphere. Her meeting with a shady bloke piques his curiosity and she his passions. His skills as a thief will finally get some good use if he can manage to steal her heart again.

Review: For the record, the nickname Sleuth Hound is not as sexy as Wolfhound. Cam might have been better named Ghost Hound, because he can slip in and out of people’s homes stealing what he most desires. Virtuous ladies’ virtue especially! There are shades of Jane Austen’s Persuasion in the setup of this third book in the Lords of Midnight trilogy. Perfect, if you are in the mood for second chance romance.


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Get into Bed with Cara Elliott (Author Interview)

too dangerous to desireKeira: Was Sophie Lawrance inspired just the tiniest bit by Anne Elliot, the heroine of Jane Austen’s Persuasion?

Cara Elliott: Ha! It’s so interesting that you should ask that! Anne Elliot and Elizabeth Bennett of Pride and Prejudice are my co-favorite Austen heroines. And while at first blush they may appear to be very different, I feel they share many of the same qualities. They are both strong-minded, independent women who stick to their core values despite outside pressure. They are resilient, brave, loyal, and not afraid to admit to their mistakes—and then dare to take a gamble on true love.

Now. Lizzy is the more flamboyant and obvious rebel, and I’ve usually tended to write offbeat heroines who are in that mold. With Sophie Lawrance, I was really interested in creating a more outwardly quiet, conventional heroine who, like Anne Elliot, gives up love in order to do her duty to her family. But inwardly, Sophie has a spine of steel and a heart of gold, so it was really challenging and fun to slowly let her true character—her strength, her convictions, her courage, her willingness to take a risk—come out as the story developed. Although I didn’t consciously choose to pattern Sophie after Anne, I think she turned out to be an homage to Austen and the ultimate “quiet” heroine.

Keira: Which is easier: to play it safe in matters of the heart or to take the leap of faith and risk everything?

Cara: Oh, no question that it’s easier to play it safe. Taking a leap of faith and risking everything is frightening! But it’s also exhilarating. I don’t think you ever truly regret taking a chance on love and happiness.

Keira: What makes second chance romances so great? Why do we love them?

Cara: I think it’s because we all can really relate to them emotionally. I mean, we’ve all made mistakes, we’ve all made decisions we regret. So at heart, I think we all like to believe that it’s possible to learn and grow from the past . . . and then have a second chance to get it right!

Keira: If you could give advice to Cameron Daggett, the hero of Too Dangerous to Desire, what would you tell him? That is to say, if he would listen. 🙂

Cara: You’re right—Cameron is not one to heed advice! He has to figure things out for himself, even if that process involves a few scrapes and tumbles. However, if I dared to whisper a word of advice in his ear, I’d tell him to always follow his heart, no matter if the way gets a little rough. (But then, he actually figured that out on his own. Smart man!)

Keira: What is next on your plate? What inspired you to start the project?

Cara:  In my last few books, I’ve had siblings play a secondary role in the stories and it was such a kick writing them that I decided to do a new trilogy revolving around three sisters—something I’ve never done before. I’ve just turned in the first book, and I am really having such fun with the concept! The stories revolve around three unconventional sisters who share a passion for writing. Olivia, the eldest, pens fiery political essays, Anna, the middle sister, writes racy romance novels, and Caro, who is not quite out of the schoolroom, is a budding poet. However, they must keep their passions a secret from Society. But as we all know, secret passions can get a girl into trouble . . .

We haven’t set a release date yet for the first book yet, but I’ll keep readers posted on my website (

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Review: Too Wicked to Wed (Lords of Midnight, Book 1) by Cara Elliott

too wicked to wedHero: The Earl of Killingworth, Connor Linsley, is not your usual Earl of the Realm. He works for a living earning money from his gambling den and brothel that carters to men of the peerage. He hides this fact from others by pretending to be just any other high roller in the establishment. Like any alpha he keeps his heart guarded, but the fiery Alexa gets to him like no other could – when she lays claim to half of his business and refuses to give it back!

Heroine: Lady Alexa Hendrie is fierce. She tracks her brother to The Wolf’s Lair and demands of Connor his location. The price for that information is a kiss (and it will knock your socks off and Connor’s too). Later unbeknownst to her, Connor is robbed at the gaming tables and from his safe. When his pledge of half the business (which is exchanged for money from a friend) comes across her path–while she’s dressed as a man playing cards–she wins it and uses it to blackmail Connor into helping her locate her wayward brother.

Review: The story really picks up the pace when Connor gets shot and the two of them flee to Linsley Close, Connor’s abandoned estate by the coast. There they pose as newlyweds while Connor convalesces. It’s pretty funny when the housekeeper walks in on them to bring Connor sustenance. These two lovebirds have got some pretty blistering chemistry. There’s lots of kissing – the really hot kind!

I also like the other lords who are Connor’s friends: Gryff and Cam. Gryff is going to have to lay off the booze, it’s not that attractive, but his other qualities make up for it (for now). Cam is seriously hot and a thief. I want to read his book. Yum!

Favorite Quote:

“Why the devil does she feel she must take such awful risks?”

“Is that a rhetorical question,” asked Cameron. “Or do you wish for an honest answer?”


“Because she loves you. She’s willing to risk anything to win your heart.” Cameron crossed one booted leg over the other. “And you, you ungrateful cur, ought to have your teeth kicked out through your arse if you don’t appreciate what a rare and wondrous gift that is.”


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