Review: Wife for Hire by Christine Bell

Wife for HireHero: Owen Phipps is going to get revenge on the con-artist who stole his sister’s money and broke her heart. To get close, Owen requires a fake wife for three weeks. It might sound farfetched, but how is Owen supposed to get close when the slimeball is hiding at a couples resort walking around as the owner? Owen is going to figure out what angle was being played and expose it. The only thing he didn’t count on was falling for his fake wife.

Heroine: Lindy Knight isn’t quite sure about the man who shows up on her doorstep after she applies for a job. Lindy maces Owen within five minutes of meeting him, using her perfume, so she’s surprised to find herself hired to play the wife of this gorgeous man. When the couple activities at the resort turn intimate, Lindy has to remind herself that she’s playing a role, and not his actual wife.

Review: Who doesn’t love “fake marriage” romances (aka the marriage of convenience trope)? It’s very common in historical romances and less common in contemporary romances, because society conventions make it harder to setup properly. The setup for Wife for Hire is certainly believable and adds just the right mix of serving-up-justice and sexiness. The conflict between the hero and heroine is the issue of a committed relationship, so while both are feeling the sexual tension, Lindy asks Owen not to make a move unless he is certain he wants her for more than three weeks. But can Lindy do the same?


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