Review: Catch of The Day by Carla Caruso

Catch of The Day by Carla CarusoReviewed by Fleur, of A Daily Romance

Glamorous but flawed Winnie Cherry is exiled to small town Australia for work, following an imbroglio involving a senior staff member. Upon immediately entering the local area, our heroine has an accidental run-in with worldly local hunk Alex Bass. As superficial as this sounds, readers may fall in love with Alex before he even opens his mouth.


Woah. The sunnies were up and she sucked in her breath. He was actually quite dreamy-looking, if you liked rugged seafaring types. Up close, he had ocean-green eyes, an aqualine nose and just the right amount of sexy stubble. His fair hair looked artfully tousled, a style that would take Sydney pretty-boys hours to perfect with texturising sea-salt spray, but was no doubt au naturel. His biceps, straining beneath the polo fabric, looked like they could bench press the Big Lobster any day.

Winnie’s tumultuous beginnings with Alex, sets the stage for many more contretemps and some fiery dialogue. Not only is the sexual tension between the two protagonists enthralling, but the insight into small town living is really interesting and makes for a great story. The side characters are real characters, in some cases a bit odd if not dysfunctional. The story is also littered with quirky details, like reference to slogans on the coffee mugs in the office, “wake up smarter, sleep with a mortgage broker.”

While providing a contrast between town and country life, Catch of the Day explores issues that women in their late 20s and early 30s often ask themselves, is life in the fast lane all it’s cracked up to be? Are my relationships meaningful? What do I really want out of life?

This book is hilarious and if you liked reading Bridget Jones’s Diary then you will probably love this book.


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City Gal Gone Country

by Susan S., guest blogger

Recommendations: Please listen to Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) by Pam Tillis.

Always been a city gal with a country heart. Always driving people nuts listening to my country CDs. So really, its old news the charms of rural life draw me like lemons to mason jars. When I get away from the city, I always head to the country.

Now how often have we heard, “The devil made me do it?” Uh-huh. Well, I’m going to just blame my recklessness on this author. O.k., maybe not her exactly, but her writing. I shouldn’t be blamed simply because the Spikes & Spurs Series spoke to my heart. Well…perhaps I’ll own up a little to being plumb-dumb for listening. Guess I should’ve covered my ears when it spoke. Had I done that though, I wouldn’t’ve had any fun.

During my latest get-away, I found myself getting close and personal with the wildlife, riding a mechanical bull (Yes, I stayed on for 8 seconds!), and buying new boots which I kicked-up and raised hell with.

I was B-A-D! But, if those kindly folk feel the need to gossip when I’m gone, that’s all-right. Wait `till next time! I’ll give `em more to add to their gossip files.