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Got it Covered?

Got it Covered?by Guest Blogger

Guest post by Spencer Dryden, author of Bliss Hello my name is Spencer Dryden. I am a first time author of a novella titled “Bliss” from Breathless Press. It is a story of a woman’s struggle with sexual shame. The story takes place in the mythical town of Bliss, New Hampshire. My main character,  Christina […]

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Small Press v. Self-Publishing

Small Press v. Self-Publishingby Guest Blogger

by Nadia Lee, guest blogger and author of Carnal Secrets After I walked from the deal on Carnal Secrets (if you want to read about that, please check out the following blog posts: “Read the Fine Print” [] and “Walking Away Can Be Hard” []), I decided to go it alone.  Doing it myself wasn’t […]

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