Review: Dream Eyes (Dark Legacy) by Jayne Ann Krentz

Dream EyesReview by Sandra Scholes

Gwen Frazier is a psychic counsellor who reads and interprets the dreams of her clients. Gwen also sees ghosts, in many reflective surfaces, and would rather investigate their deaths as she believes they are murders not natural causes as others would have her believe. She gets her wish when her best friend, Evelyn Ballinger dies, and this event brings her back to Wilby in Oregon, where the memories come back of the memories she would rather not consider.

Judson Coppersmith is sent to Wilby to help Gwen, but as a psychic investigator himself, he finds it hard to control his powers, having horrible dreams to contend with. He falls for Gwen but it’s not love or romance that he wants, its sexual desire he feels for her as he grows more intrigued by her the more he sees her. Both Gwen and Judson have secrets they want to keep hidden, yet together they have a chance of helping each other with their inner demons.

Gwen, like Judson is what’s known as a talent he met years ago in another similar investigation. What can be seen as disturbing is the photograph of all seven of her friends including Evelyn who are systematically being murdered, and already four are dead. Judson remembers Gwen as Dream Eyes, and has been infatuated with her ever since. Gwen in desperation needs to find the killer, but risks being seen as a suspect herself.

She is a level-headed woman who misses her friend Evelyn and wants nothing more than to find her killer, and although she is communicating with her ghost, and Evelyn is responding, Gwen feels as though she is only talking to herself. She hears that Evelyn had died from natural causes, but sees behind the cover the murderer has left. She believes she has been murdered by paranormal means, but getting others to see it is another thing. Judson can help with the investigation, but she doesn’t think he is that interested in the case as it isn’t as high profile as the ones he is used to dealing with.

Gwen and Judson could be perfect together, but only if he stops seeing her as only a sex object who can satisfy his intense desires.

Jayne Ann Krentz doesn’t waste any time explaining the story, she gets right into the heart of the plot, starting with the setting, the characters and their mixed neuroses. She draws you in from the first page, and keeps the interest right to the end of each chapter, leaving a clue behind to urge you on. Dream Eyes by Jayne Ann Krentz lures the reader down a dark path of death and disturbing nightmares, the essential components of a paranormal romance. This novel is all that and comes with plenty of alluring romantic interludes between Gwen and Judson that will fire the soul.



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