Review: Sacrifice of Passion by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez

Sacrifice of PassionReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: A young Texas rancher is trying to forget about what happened to his failed relationship, but he can’t forget what is happening to his livestock who are at the mercy of a cruel and bloodthirsty chupacapra, an ancient beast who thrives on causing sickness and trouble to anyone in its path. He doesn’t have a particularly good relationship with his son, and wants to get to the bottom of why his livestock are being culled, and there is only one person he can turn to, his former lover.

Review: Vic and Delaney have been childhood sweethearts, and something she did leads to misery for him after their split. He has always wanted to get back with her, but pride and heartache has prevented him from doing so before even though it is obvious that his son misses having her around. As there is only her who can help him, he has no choice but to tolerate her being around him, and him knowing he could have done a better job of keeping her all those years ago. Be prepared for lots of angst, soul searching and Vic beating himself up about being single for so long. Delaney could rekindle the love he had for her through his son, as caring for him can mean so much to him, but she has to take it easy with him, as he bares the scars of being vexed.

Last minute thoughts: Melissa puts just enough background in to the story to make you almost believe she had worked on a ranch. She lets the reader feel what it is like to have loved and lost, but also gives hope for the characters she writes about.

Info you might find interesting: The author likes the villain Hannibal Lecter, mochas, chocolate, Dexter, Supernatural and Once Upon a Time.


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