Review: To Buy a Bride by Roberta Leigh

Review: To Buy a Bride by Roberta Leighby Keira G

Hero: Luke was once the stable boy on Philippa’s family estate, where his mother also worked. Now he’s grown into a powerful and wealthy businessman and he’s got his eye out for a bargain. He also has a secret which has nothing to do with bargains and everything to do with the heart. Heroine: If […]

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Review: The Temporary Wife by Mary Balogh

Review: The Temporary Wife by Mary Baloghby Keira G

Hero: To say that the Marquess of Staunton does not have a good relationship with his father is an understatement. When summoned to return home after eight years of separation, he decides to thwart his father’s matrimonial plans by finding his own wife first. He wants to embarrass and wound and decides the lowest he […]

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Review: Chocolicious by Geraldine Solon

Review: Chocolicious by Geraldine Solonby Sandra Scholes

by Sandra Scholes, guest reviewer Life changing experiences are what make a person, and in Blair Nightingale’s case they can be for the worse. When her husband, Larry dies, she is hurt and distraught by what happened, but it is what occurs after that brings about the change in the story. She finds out what […]

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