Review: Cynders and Ashe by Elizabeth Boyle

cynders and asheHeroine: Ella Cynders is a companion for a young lady in love with a gentleman, whom her family doesn’t approve. Ella agrees to switch places with her charge during a masked ball to allow the young couple to elope. That night she dances in the arms of her fairytale prince… the Viscount Ashe. It’s true love… but midnight comes too soon and all fake princesses turn back into pumpkins.

Hero: Lord Julian Ashe is supposed to meet his true love at the family gala – it happens to the lot of them. When he loses the girl with whom he spent an enchanting evening, Julian is uncertain what to do. He tried and couldn’t track her down and she hasn’t appeared at four other balls… this is his last chance to find her again and make her his forever.

Review: This is a perfect story to read on a rainy day or while soaking in a tub covered in bubbles. It’s short, but decadent and contains all you could want in a Regency fairytale. It’s lighthearted, quick, and scrumptious! And don’t you just love the cover? 🙂


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Review: Mad About the Duke by Elizabeth Boyle

Mad About the Duke is a lark you shouldn’t wait to embark upon. I was tickled pink from the very beginning as our hero, James Lambert St. Maur Thurston Tremont, the Duke of Parkerton, is mistaken for a solicitor by our heroine, the lovely widow Elinor Sterling, second dowager Lady Standon.

It’s such a priceless scene as the lofty always in charge hero is subjugated to the madness of the Standon house and drawn unwittingly into a husband hunting scheme. The idea that he, a Duke was working for Lady Standon was nothing short of scandalous. Truth be told, he’s still reeling from everything.

It’s enough to make you giggle right out loud.

Elinor needs to remarry quickly in order to save her youngest sister, Tia, age 15, from being forced into a horrible marriage like she had been. She needed someone with strength, power, and integrity. Somebody honest, just, and kind. What she needed was a duke!

With St. Maur and his superior connections as her solicitor she was sure to meet the two Dukes on her list. On the other hand, St. Maur had this pesky need to question her ducal choices, why was he insisting she expand her list? Oh… if only the poor girl knew!

I still chuckle at the image of a Duke as a matchmaker. Elinor poking at him and teasing him is not something Parkerton gets to experience all that often as the boundaries of his title get in the way. He’s so affronted when he finds out the reason he wasn’t on her list of Dukes it’s hilarious.

It really is a happy book even if I felt the ending was wrapped up too quickly. I would have liked a little more to savor.  I recommend it to all historical fans and those who love mistaken identity plots.

[rating: 4.5]

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Review: This Rake of Mine by Elizabeth Boyle


This was definitely not one of my favorite novels. Not only did Boyle use hair color to give stereotypical traits to the heroine, but the big reveal didn’t feel so big! Major bummer! As Susan would say thank goodness I’m FF (finally finished)!

A kiss can change the fates of nations. It certainly changed the fate of one Miss Miranda Mabberly. She was going to marry an impoverished (or at least highly strapped for funds) Earl and become a Countess but one kiss altered everything, including the world on its axis.

Miranda’s family force her to flee London into the country and into permanent hiding from the shame of that kiss. Along the way she manages to make it back to Miss Emery’s Establishment and gain a teaching position in decorum (irony at its best) under a new name. It’s been nine years since that kiss and Miranda can still recall its flavor of it.

Mad Jack Tremont or Lord John can too. Poorer than a church mouse, he’s been banished to the country seat where disgraced relatives of the Tremont’s have been living for generations. When crossing Miss Porter’s prim façade and tightly wound red hair, Jack can’t help but think of ways to seduce her out of her hairpins.

Rating: 1.5 Stars

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