Review: Lady of the Storm by Kathryne Kennedy

Review: Lady of the Storm by Kathryne Kennedyby Guest Blogger

by Zarabeth, guest reviewer, Facilitating Your Way to Beautiful marykay.com/zgolden Before You Begin: This book is the sequel to The Fire Lord’s Lover and is the second in the Elven Lord’s Series, but does not depend on having read the first book. You can read it as a stand alone. Summary: This book is obviously […]

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Get into Bed with Kathryne Kennedy (Author Interview)

Get into Bed with Kathryne Kennedy (Author Interview)by Keira

Keira: To start, please share with readers a little background on the Elven Lord’s series. Kathryne Kennedy: Seven mad elven lords stole magical scepters and breached the barrier between worlds, conquering England and dividing it into seven sovereignties, each realm attuned to a particular magical power: earth, sea & sky, metal, gemstone, fire, glamour & […]

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What is the Little Mermaid Syndrome?

What is the Little Mermaid Syndrome?by Keira

*This post does not deal with the medical condition; it deals with the literary condition. The Little Mermaid Syndrome is the desire to be part of another’s world. A fictional character under the influence of LMS would go any length to become like the one they desire. This coveting is usually driven by love. In […]

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When Hexes Go Wild!

When Hexes Go Wild!by Guest Blogger

by Linda Wisdom, guest blogger and author of Hex in High Heels Thank you to Love Romance Passion for having me here today! As an author who’s been published for many years, I still get excited when a new book comes out. It’s fun to go into the bookstores and see the books there and […]

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