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Why I Love the Enemies to Lovers Trope

Why I Love the Enemies to Lovers Tropeby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Monica Corwin, author of I decided to write this guest post on my favourite romance trope. After a lot of deliberating I finally decided on enemies to lovers. I love best friends to lovers or the one that got away as well but enemies to lovers has to be my favourite to […]

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Out of Your Reading “Comfort” Zone

Out of Your Reading “Comfort” Zoneby Keira

If you’re like me, you have a list of things that you like and hate to read. Sometimes though, you come across a book that you should dislike emphatically because it hits on one major dislike or several minor dislikes… and yet, despite the book containing things you dislike to read you find yourself irresistibly […]

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My Favorite Tropes: Physical Disabilities

My Favorite Tropes: Physical Disabilitiesby Guest Blogger

Guest Post by Carla F. I love stories in which the hero or heroine have a physical disability (blindness, deafness, unable to walk, etc.). The H/H has an additional barrier (a large one) to reaching their one true love. Sometimes he/she will use their impairment as shield to keep the love of their life away […]

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My Favorite Tropes: Reformed Rakes

My Favorite Tropes: Reformed Rakesby Susan S.

Guest Post by Susan S. For me to describe the reformed rake, I’d have to discuss his past behavior. As a rake (shortened version of rakehell), he was considered the epitome of the bad boy. A man whose immoral conduct would cause a kindly innocent lady to slap him soundly across the cheek. Not that […]

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My Favorite Tropes: Secret Baby!

My Favorite Tropes: Secret Baby!by Guest Blogger

Guest post by Carla F. Secret Baby! The phrase just screams for capitalization and an exclamation point. Of course, this plot is when a couple goes their separate ways without the hero knowing that the heroine is pregnant. (Sometimes the heroine doesn’t even know.) The couple could have been separated by war, controlling parents, a […]

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My Favorite Tropes: Marriage of Convenience

My Favorite Tropes: Marriage of Convenienceby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Carla F. Merriam-Webster defines a trope as “a common or overused theme or device”. However, it seems to me that it can only be “overused” if it brings nothing new to distinguish itself from all the others. The one thing more satisfying than reading a romance is reading one that has your […]

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