Review: Fetish Transcendence by Billie Rosie

Fetish TranscendenceReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: In Fetish Worship, Billie Rosie’s first collection of short, extremely erotic stories, she showed her diversity of themes and does it again with this set of twelve tales that tell the story of the darker side of humanity ant ides desire of the explicit. In the same way that there were dominant partners and their submissive lovers, this bunch of stories explores that even more, but as well as the dark, debauched desires being revisited, there is a good deal of fantasy elements in this that keep it feeling original. There are twelve in all; Security, Winnat’s Pass, Fruits De Mer, Sherlock Holmes & The Curse of the Moonstone, Dirty Phone Call, Body Swap, Retribution, Sanctity, La Frotteuse, A Holiday Romance, The Diary and Anastasia.

Review: In Security, Freddie, a security guard at a popular department store has been looking for a thief called “The Shadow,” for a long time and when he catches her, she might be in trouble of a different kind. Winnat’s Pass sees readers drift back into the past of the 14th century with Allen taking his woman, Clara through to their destination after being ambushed and nearly killed, but when his Clara could be a vampire, there could be problems. Fruits De Mer has Josiah’s love of moules lead to a love of women’s vaginas, and every part has to be worshipped by him. Sherlock Holmes & The Curse of the Moonstone delves into the lesbian world of Holmes and Watson when they investigate the case of a man stealing a diamond from a Hindu deities forehead. As well as this being the best story in the whole book, Rosie keeps us waiting for the inevitable pay-off of what Holmes can do with a champagne bottle. In Dirty Phone Call, a woman doesn’t take to being the part of some guy’s perverted fun during a routine phone conversation, but she soon gets into the swing of it. Body Swap is another tale with a man infatuated with a beautiful vampire who wants to sap his essence. Simon enjoys his time with her, and remembers how he would let his spirit free from his body to roam the house, watching every lewd and debauched thing that went on. In Retribution a woman gets her revenge on the man who had called the wrong number and gave her a dirty phone call that resulted in the best orgasm ever! Dare I say this is one of the funniest too as the conversation takes a dominating, if light-hearted tone part of the way through. After such an erotic story, Sanctity would seem like a breeze, yet when an aroused woman visits her local priest, he doesn’t know how much she wants to bed him. La Frotteuse sees Julia needing some time alone at a pirate convention, until the pirate of her dreams comes to her. A Holiday Romance gives Adam and Lilith the chance to have some holiday fun where Lilith binds and blindfolds her slave and asks him some very probing questions, ones we really want to hear. The Diary and Anastasia are just too good to miss too.

Good Bits:

  • A lesbian story with Holmes and Watson – well, we saw it coming!
  • How Freddie the security guard teaches shoplifters a valuable sexy lesson
  • Two vampire stories that really hit the spot
  • Never call a wrong number – unless you want to pay the price

Summary: Billie Rosie doesn’t seem to hold back with any of her stories and it’s not surprising that some have been published. The stories are erotically brought out and are the stuff that wet dreams are made of, at least between these pages, and digital ones too. Some will have their favourites, I did, while others focus on submission and a twist or two in the tale. What is important is that they are enjoyable, and they are that with fun characters and interesting scenarios to keep you wanting more from this delicious author.


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A Hero with a Heart!

Guest Blog by Aimee Thurlo, author of Buy: Secrets of the Lynx (Copper Canyon)

David and I have been writing together for most of our married life, yet we’re not at all alike. He grew up on the Navajo Indian Nation on the high desert. I came to the U.S. from Cuba when I was eight years old and have lived in big cities almost all my life. We’re totally different from each other, in backgrounds, and in personality. Yet the ability to merge our unique qualities has become our greatest asset. It’s what enables us to bring readers emotionally charged stories filled with high adventure.

Like it is in our lives, the skills we bring to the table are complementary, but different. David can craft powerful action scenes, but I can do emotions far better than he can. Very right brain/left brain!

Our collaboration really comes together in a romantic suspense novel like Secrets of the Lynx. This is a story about destiny and reaching for a dream. It also delivers one heckuva high action adventure.

Hosteen (Mister) Silver, a Navajo medicine man, fostered Paul Greyhorse, the hero of our novel. It was through Hosteen Silver that Paul learned to respect things that can’t always be explained through logic.

Paul and each of his brothers received a very special gift when they turned sixteen – the fetish of an animal. According to tradition, a fetish is more than just a carving. It’s a symbol that is said to capture the essence of the animal and impart those qualities to its owner. Lynx knows what others try to keep secret, and sees what’s not readily apparent.

Yet the real magic of the story unfolds as the hero and heroine, two emotionally damaged people, come together and realize that they’re stronger together than they are apart – like it is with David and me.

I have to admit that I especially like Paul Grayhorse. He’s a hero among heroes. He doesn’t judge others, though they often judge him. For example, when he questions several streetwalkers, he treats them with great respect. He understands that somewhere in there is a woman who dreamed of bigger and better things – but took a detour. That a “Pretty Woman” (movie with Julia Roberts) is there, just beyond what the eye can readily see.

Romantic Times said, “Thurlo understands the mindset of The People and uses the beautiful legends and myths that define them to add depth to his action packed tale.”

I hope you’ll have a chance to pick it up!

For a signed bookmark please send one stamp to:

Aimée and David Thurlo
P.O. Box 2747
Corrales, NM 87048

We’ll take care of the rest!

Happy reading!

Aimée and David

BIO: David and Aimee Thurlo have been married for forty-two years. Aimee moved in next door to him and it was love at first sight. Three weeks later, they were married.

David was raised on the Navajo Indian Reservation and left Shiprock to complete his education at the University of New Mexico.

Aimee, born in Havana, Cuba, has lived in New Mexico for forty-two years. Their popular Ella Clah mystery series, featuring a Navajo woman police officer, won a New Mexico Book Award. Their Lee Nez vampire novels are currently under option to Red Nation Films in Hollywood. They also write romantic suspense novels for Harlequin and have sold more than a million copies worldwide.

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Review: Down on the Boardwalk by Suzanne Rock

by Sandra Scholes, guest reviewer

Gwen Anderson is a captive in a dangerous world when a rival werewolf gang has kidnapped her and thrown her into a cell. Eric Wright of the infamous Wright pack interrogates her only to find little in the way of vital information from her. From this he gains no advantage other than to try and use her amazing gift, her psychic ability to see into the future. Previously Eric had given her sanctuary within his pack as a favour due to her not belonging anywhere else, but her time for being useful is running out and Eric needs to get results if he is to keep her. She wants out, but it will cost her – until a chance encounter with two men changes her life forever.

Tony and Nico are thrown into her cell and both form a lasting bond with her away from their captors, one that makes her heart beat fast, and loins stir when they are around. Gwen finds she loves the both of them, but Tony and Nico act as rivals even though they are from the same pack, and they need to know what is going on about their leader’s rival in order to take him down. Gwen can use her abilities to help them both, but she wishes they would get over their petty jealousy first if true love is to spark between the three of them.

Gwen forms an almost instant bond with Tony at first, and would love to be his mate, but she has a concern in the back of her mind that he knows she is already mated to another man, one she doesn’t love – and for her that makes a difference. For Tony, however, he finds himself attracted to her just as easily, and takes the opportunity to mate with her regardless, as though it were the most natural thing in the world to do.

The relationship she has with Tony has a depth to it that hurts her inner wolf soul so much she continues to doubt herself even though Tony and Nico are sure she is the woman for them.

Down on the Boardwalk is a heated and deeply erotic treat for those who like what Loose Id publish. It is highly sensual, kinky and shows the result of were mating between strong werewolves. Never has a horror genre been so sensually written.

Rating: 4 Stars

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