Review: Fetish Worship by Billie Rosie

fetworReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: This is a collection of several short stories which feature heavily fetish worship, bondage and submission. There are mixed characters in here; a man with a serious foot fetish he needs to indulge, a woman being encouraged into a bit of slavery, a man who wants to be seen as a mummy’s boy, a slave and master scenario in one case, a Halloween prankster, a retelling of an ancient Greek myth and a woman who likes to take dirty phone calls. For those who like it kinky and sensual there are also voyeurs and exhibitionists who will tantalize and tease the reader to the peak of ecstasy.

Review: These stories came from the author’s desire to create fiction with a sensual and submissive edge – with both men and women as the submissives. She has long since wanted to write what she calls pornography and enjoy herself while she does, but that’s according to her bio. By reading each of the stories, you can tell she enjoys what she does, as each character is almost straight away naked and having coarse, rough sex. In Feet, Adam watches his girl, Josie having sex with his best friend. As he is a voyeur and foot fetishist, he rarely makes love to her, so he leaves it to him while he peeps through a hole in the wall, enjoying the sight of her naked feet. In Requiem, a priest tries to get a woman to repent for her sins, but it isn’t easy when she isn’t taking him seriously. He berates her for being so alluring and having lots of men, but she decides to put him in his place despite his piety. In A Dominant Woman, Shona is the dominant type who likes to have her men right where she wants them, and in this case, she can’t wait to whip him with her ruler to get the message across that he, for now, is hers. Billie Rosie has two novellas out, Memoirs of a Sex Slave and Enslaving Eli, while this novel was her first step into being published.

Good bits:

  • The author gets down to the sex straight away
  • Some of them are well-written
  • The stories are very descriptive concerning the characters
  • I liked the settings

Bad bits:

  • There is no real build up to some of the stories

Summary: Billie Rosie writes about the forbidden, the acts none of us mention in mixed company unless that company is also into fetishism. She takes us into the mind of the voyeur, the bondage enthusiast, the dominant male who likes to see a woman made to be a submissive, while in another story the tables are turned. Not everyone does what the characters in these stories do, but you get the feeling there are some who do enjoy letting themselves go behind closed doors. Some of the fetishes in this novel aren’t what you would call normal either, but they do make up the forbidden aspect of what many would call kinky sexual practises most think of but don’t take part in. I liked the honesty of them, the characters with their foul mouths and funny one-liners made them more interesting, while the sex left nothing to the imagination, it was in your face and pushed its way into your living room with a vengeance.



Review: Sweet Confessions by Violet Blue

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes

Cleis are well known for their novels that break the boundaries of what many would call acceptable erotica, but they are also known for their talented writers who push the envelope as far as writing is concerned. Sweet Confessions can be described as that. It pushes the very boundaries of what we normally see and view as normal, so in these stories that can be seen as confessions of a sort, readers will be able to notice the rich range of ideas that have unfolded from every page.

As far as this compilation is concerned, there are many stories that will touch the heart and the mind, as well as many other emotions. The following are only a small selection of what I considered to be the best I read.

Smell as Sweet by Heidi Champa

Liz is usually hard at work in the office, and once the weekend has gone, it’s back to work again, yet she finds happiness when she gets news from her boyfriend, Jamie, and he has a surprise in store for her. He sends her panties, special ones from a specific lingerie store he knows she will adore, and she has to come to his office in wait of what he wants.

Her life has been like this for a while, and it all started with an arrangement she had with him when she met up with him at a specific time so he could do all kinds of things to her.

One time she walks into Jamie’s office and finds him in a compromising position, one she can’t pass up. Heidi explores the kinky confession of underwear and its fetishism among men. Some like the feel of satin and silk on their body, and Jamie certainly does in this tale. I liked the pacing of it, as well as the shock factor she gives Liz when she finds out Jamie’s dirty little secret.

Internet Cafe Au Lay by Kayai Silkenvoice

One sunny day, a woman decides she is hot enough for an afternoon of passionate love making, and she hopes her lover agrees. She decides she wants Kurt to please her outside, and refuses any hope of being filled unless it’s to do with him filling her body. She has to settle for a stop off at a net café, Seabiscuits where they can play chess and indulge their fantasies. She ends up indulging her own with her lover in front of some college kids, and shows what kind of vixen she really is.

She knows what she needs, but will he satisfy her long enough? She hopes so and so will the reader once they get into this little short. I liked the honesty in the words she used, and the truth that when you’re in a clinch in public, the slightest thing can cause the giggles.

Silver Screen by Portia Da Costa

One woman is given orders on where to sit and which row in a porno cinema. This she knows is part of her lover’s games. She is well used to them by now and isn’t one to disobey any of his strict rules, not when he satisfies her the way he does. She finds her self in a row next to a couple who are into pretty heavy petting. She imagines everyone around her in a frenzy of sexual ecstasy, but not all of them are. She doesn’t mind though, as at first she thought the place disgusting, now when she sees the actors on screen they remind her of her and Steve.

Silver Screen is what I would call real indulgent wish fulfilment as she is made to wait for sex, and it’s the build up that is as important as the sex itself. Voyeurism never looked so good.

Red by Piper Morgan

Some people have mundane sexual fantasies, while others are out of this world and highly kinky as far as other people are concerned. In this story, Bode shares a deep, dark secret with his lover, hoping she will understand when the opposite happens and he can’t believe it. She’ll do his secret fetish for him. He thinks all his Christmases have come at once and enjoys what she has in store for him.

It felt fun the way the two of them played out their fantasy by using a popular fairy tale as the erotic outlet. Piper keeps all the fun until right at the end.

The Hotel by Anika Ray

A couple, Arianna and Jared plan going for a night out together, but this is a night with a difference. They already know each other, but want to act as if they don’t. It might seem funny, but for the two of them, it’s something they like to do. She enters a hotel, sitting at the bar waiting for her lover, who comes along making it look like he is picking her up for the first time.

Many people wish they could take time back to the way they felt when they first met, when the relationship was at its infancy as there was all the excitement, passion and drive at the start that made it all seem so thrilling. Anika shows how sexy and fun a new start can be even if it is pretending they don’t know each other; it’s comical to read about.

An Age Play by Regina Kammer

Writing is a way of life for some, and for one woman it is one she has to be careful of as she reminds her husband that age in romance writing has to be at a certain level – and there’s no below that age or above it, or the story or novel simply doesn’t sound right, and she also reminds him, she can get into trouble for making the characters too young. She has a great and rewarding relationship with her husband, but gets a shock when she is propositioned by a younger male who she thinks she might not see again if she refuses his request of teaching him how to have sex.

Jean has to make her mind up whether she wants to teach the young man to have sex or not, but at least she isn’t being forced away if she decides to – and it is then she realizes she has a very understanding man for a husband.

Jenna’s Gambit by Jeremy Edwards

So far we have had all kinds of kinks and fetishes, but this one is an unusual one for sure. Urinating isn’t one folk would normally think of or talks about in polite company, but with one or two like-minded souls it can be enjoyed. Jenna finds out how intrigued she is with this particular fetish with her lover, Eric who gets turned-on by the sight of her sexy panties.

I found this one very descriptive and even though it was erotic, I thought it left enough to the imagination.

The Female Gaze by Rachel Kramer Bussel

One woman thinks of all the times her lover has been looked at by other men. She finds the whole thing fascinating of other men eying him up, and maybe asking him out. She knows he is desirable to many men of every different kind. They all find him as attractive as she does and sees it as no different from how men find women desirable. He finds that he likes being asked out by guys, but wonders what he will do if he ever takes one up on an offer of rampant sex.

She feels that he should take one guy who asks up on his offer, but he has to be dreamy and very, very sexy if he can please her, but she has to choose the guy.

This story plays on the unlikely event of a woman sharing her man with another man. She gets right to the bottom of her lover’s needs, and what makes her tick too – as most women know, men can have an inner gay, it just has varying degrees!

Cat Sanborn’s choice of stories in this volume is a sensual one, I enjoyed the difference in them all, and the separate fetishes they conveyed. Sweet Confessions is a chocolate box of stories, some with wrappers, and others unabashed and exhibitionistic – who get ready to pounce. Get ready for a sensual eye stroll through some new erotic territory.


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