Review: Liar, Liar, Hearts on Fire by Jennifer Zane

liar_liar_hearts_on_fire_72dpi_200x300Reviewed by Cara Lynn

This was a cute and funny book, with a cast of zany and odd-ball characters, including the owner of an adult bookstore who gives out (needed) advice on lovemaking and a bit of meddling. It has a little more story than some books that exist only to tie in the sex scenes.

Mike Ostranski is being stalked in Alaska while on vacation, and he is desperate to come up with something to get the woman off his back. His mother wants grandchildren and had hopes for the stalker and him.

Violet Miller answers the phone at the adult store, instead of her sister, only to hear Mike’s plea for help.

It is complicated by the fact that she has loved him through high school, and they consummated the deal one night, then he went off to become a doctor. She’s never quite got over her love for him or her perceived rejection.

He asks her to fake a relationship with him to get the other woman off his back. And he gives her a gigantic ugly ring.

Of course, you know they will fall in love. (I thought he had orchestrated it, but no.) And you know it will all turn out in the end. But not without a bit of excitement along the way, including Violet being held at gunpoint.

The sex is believable. Their foreplay includes getting to know each other again and a funny fishing scene and…

It was fun, and a whole lot better than the one I read just before this one.


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Get into Bed with Petie McCarty (Author Interview)

Petie Closeup 3 - CopyKeira: What is the Catch of the Day? Salmon? Tuna? Hunky Coast Guard Captains?

Petie McCarty: Thank you so much for allowing me to spend time with your Love Romance Passion readers!

That’s a great question, and there’s more than one answer. Catch of the Day is my newest release – a wild and crazy adventure that uses a fishing tournament as the starting point and nestles a wonderful love story in the heart of the action! Special Ops Coast Guard Captain Gage Connor is partnered with spunky accountant Cody Ryan in the City of Loon’s annual all-male fishing tournament, and Fate tosses the partners every conceivable roadblock to keep them from winning. If that’s not enough trouble, Gage and Cody are unaware of the bag of uncut diamonds stashed on Gage’s borrowed bass boat, and the drug dealers will resort to kidnapping to retrieve their diamonds.

The phrase “catch of the day” was also a great opportunity for double entendre in my story. The biggest large-mouth or spotted bass caught by an angler in the Loon Lake tournament wins a special Catch of the Day cash prize, but the hunky Coast Guard captain tells his tournament partner, Cody Ryan, that she is his “catch of the day”, and he delivers the line with a husky voice and a devilish gleam in his eye guaranteed to tingle nerve endings.  *sigh*

Keira: Have you ever been in a fishing tournament? What was your experience?

Petie: No, I haven’t, but I’m extremely fortunate in that my routine lake-survey partner is also one of the elite Bassmaster Southern Opens professional anglers. He comes back from his national tournament events with crazy stories, so I get to experience the tournaments vicariously through him.

Did you know fishing tournaments dispatch entrants and their bass boats at the event start via pre-scheduled flights, with each flight consisting of 25 boats? Imagine all 25 boats – with powerful 250-horsepower engines — slamming down their throttles and screaming away from shore like sugar-crazed kids at the starting line in an Easter egg hunt, and all the boats trying to be first at the choicest fishing spots in the lake! Who said fishing tournaments couldn’t be exciting?

In fact, I completely rewrote the climactic boat chase scene in Catch of the Day after my partner returned home from a tournament with a tale about one of the professional anglers actually jumping a real-live beaver dam with his bass boat to get to the primo fishing habitat on the other side. I figured if a professional angler could accomplish that feat, then so could my heroes. Except my heroes did it during a high-speed chase with Colombian drug dealers! *grin*

CatchOfTheDayCoverArtKeira: Who is going to catch Gage first? Cody or Lila, the mayor’s daughter?

Petie: Catching Gage is a toss-up. He has had his eye on Cody since the first day he got to town, even though he’s in Loon for more than just a fishing tournament. He has his own secrets and intends to search for a girl he met — his first love – while on summer vacation in Loon decades earlier. But, Cody has almost made him abandon his intended search.

Lila throws more than one wrench in the works and has no compunctions about playing dirty to win over Gage. She’ll offer just about anything to get in his boat – or his shorts. Yikes!

Keira: What advice do you have for ladies dealing with a determined competitor for the man they like?

Petie: Persevere. Just like authors waiting for their first contract. The only folks who truly fail in life are those who never try, and honesty is always the best policy, so playing games with guys never works. Guys have a tough time keeping up with all the rule changes anyway. *grin*  If the guy is Mr. Right and true love has made the choice, then the lady won’t be able to lose him.

Keira: Who does Gage find scarier? Cody, Lila, or the Colombians?

Petie: Gage finds the Colombians getting their hands on Cody to be the scariest possibility of all, and the Colombians have made it clear they’ll resort to kidnapping to get their stash of diamonds back.

Keira: How do you define love? What makes a couple work?

Petie: I firmly believe love chooses people, not the other way around. For who can explain true love – those couples that don’t make any sense to the rest of us? And by that I mean two people we would never expect to see together, that have little or nothing in common, but the couple falls madly in love anyway. A look, a touch, a scent, a sound, a taste – “love” senses that individually or in tandem incite inexplicable electrified impulses between a man and a woman, drawing them together with or against their will.

Keira: If you’ll pardon the pun, what’s next on your line?

Petie: On April 1, Desert Breeze Publishing will release my third novel No Going Back, which is the first of what I call my Rescue Angel romances — wild and fun love stories with a secret angel hidden in the plot. If I’ve done my job right, my readers won’t figure out the angel’s identity until the finale. I intend to fool my readers every time. *grin*

In No Going Back, Kellen Brand’s inheritance turns out to be a whopper — one dilapidated farm in West Virginia and one guardian angel.

Since no sane woman would choose to live in Riverside, Kellen vows to sell her farm and quick. Her handsome neighbor Luke Kenyon must block the farm sale or risk exposure of his family’s secrets. While Kellen has one potential buyer, she faces a town full of objectors, and someone is trying to frighten her off. Luke is forced to step in and rescue her more than once. Unfortunately, Kellen has a penchant for finding trouble. She stumbles onto a clandestine hazardous-waste-dumping operation next to her farm, and she prays Luke has one more rescue up his sleeve. It’s her only hope of staying alive.

Unless her mother really did leave her a guardian angel…

Thank you for allowing me to spend time with Love Romance Passion readers. If you find the time to read this spring, please give one of my books a try and come visit my web site — Leave me your address and I’ll mail you an autographed bookplate of your choice.

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