Review: Haven 6 (New Dawn, Book 3) by Aubrie Dionne

haven6Reviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Eridani is the only woman on board The Heritage ship who hasn’t found herself a man, but she more than makes up for this lack of male interest when she is sent on a mission to perform covert operations on an alien planet, Haven 6 where she can find more info on how best to destroy them.

Review: When Eri goes on a mission to Haven 6, she never thinks she will meet anyone on the same level, let alone a man, but when she meets Striver, she falls for him. After a while he has her questioning her loyalty to those on The Heritage as she can understand his point of view on his people. He acts as leader of his people, and does a good job of keeping them from the cruelty of the outsiders who live over the wall.

Good Points:

  • The cover art captures the two characters very well as you can identify with them now that there are faces you can put to them.
  • Striver understands Eri’s plight at being ridiculed over her parents, while he doesn’t judge her on being different from her peers on The Heritage.
  • The story is told in flashbacks, but if flashbacks aren’t your thing, this might not be for you.

Bad Points:

  • It is a complicated plot that can sometimes be overcomplicated.
  • There is very little sex in this novel as it is meant for those of 16+ who are Young Adult readers.

Overview: If you liked book 3, then why not have a look at the previous two in the series. I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Review: Secrets Vol: 29 – Indulge Your Fantasies

by Sandra Scholes, guest reviewer

In Sweet Talking the Opposition by Saskia Walker Marcus Weston was the last person Eliza thought she’d meet on a cruise on the Rhine River, but when she is there for a business conference she has to play it very cool. She has to be careful as he was a man from her past she had nearly fallen in love with, and, in her mind, didn’t want to make the same mistakes she did back then. Her thoughts soon change though, as she thinks about what it would be like if she did make out with him again, yet this time she would be the one in control. Marcus is the sort who is very sure of himself, and likes to tease the opposite sex as well as make use of them in the bedroom.

Sweet Talking the Opposition is a comical tennis game of two opposites who trade insults as Eliza doesn’t want to be involved with him is met by Marcus who would stop at nothing to see her again. The reader will get the impression that he is pleased to see her again and might have the same feelings for her he had before. For all his bad points in her eyes, she does reflect on past memories of Marcus that are rather flattering – he is the only man who made her feel like a real woman – and gave her multiple orgasms.

Chimera by Nathalie Gray delves into the strange and often dangerous slums of Earth several years into the future. A man who has run from everything his whole life is in search of justice, yet he moves like an assassin, cold and calculated, his every movement deliberate, and not to be taken lightly. He is also a man who is the sort of person he is due to his own circumstances alone, who does as he is told. In his most recent assignment, he has to deal with a politician who turns him on in more ways than he wants to imagine.

He is in for a rough ride with her if he lets her get the better of him, but then again he has never met a woman like her in his life. In Chimera, he has to give in to his urges or he might not get another chance. Sensual and erotic, this will give readers what they really want after a hard days work.

Edge by Dominique Sinclair has Noah Tyler who usually gets what he wants, and where Cat is concerned – she is certainly no exception in his eyes. Finding her and cuffing her in the process, she is angry when she finds out he intends to take her out of the building alive and take her back to the headquarters. Cat, or Catlina is one of the first women to be trained by the Department of International Intelligence, but she left before and never told the one man who might be interested in her as a former lover, Noah.

Be prepared for some sensual love-making and deep conversation in this story of love, deception and intrigue. Espionage, dodging, lies and deceit are in this story, but there is also love and sensuality by the bucket load too, so keep reading.

Beast in a Kilt by Niclole North takes readers back to fantasy where Torr, a Highland Warrior has adored a young lady, Catriona, but only as a friend. She is love with him, but he doesn’t understand her interest in him until she is made to marry an awful Chieftain who she doesn’t even take a fancy to. What can she do but run to the only man she can get to help her – Torr, but will he aid her or be more of a hindrance?

In this Highland fling of a romance, Catriona has to think up every trick in the book to seduce Torr into her bed so she can have him instead of the Chieftain, but in order for him to fall for her; she has to go further than that.

This is a story which is a part of a series of stories for Red Sage, Devil in a Kilt being the first. It is a comforting and energetic story full of sensuality, and bribery on the part of the heroine. The two of them are like each other in many ways though, as he is a part of a higher order that use him, just as she is being used – so in a way they are both needing to get their way to freedom and a better life.

Red Sage publishes some of the best erotic romance around, so it is a good idea to read this one as it has something for everyone to look at – fantasy, comedy, thriller, sci-fi and Highland.

Rating: ★★★★½

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Review: Once Upon a Time in Space by Heather Massey

The Situation: Earth is a dying hunk of rock in the wasteland of space, but humans are doing their best to deny it while digging tunnels deep under the surface to avoid the sun’s harmful rays. Humanity is 40 billion strong and counting. There aren’t enough resources to go around, jobs are limited and nobody has enough to space to think let alone live. Desperate doesn’t even being to cover it.

The Hero: Nick Venture is leader of a tunneling team, but he’s fired, and so is his team.  He can hardly believe it. Just when he was supposed to get a place of his own the company cans them in order to not comply with their side of the agreement. He stops by a bar before calling it a night and his act of heroism leads to an unjust imprisonment that’s the equivalent of a death sentence. Lucky for him, his secret heritage, works like a get out of jail free card. In exchange he must do something he’s clearly unqualified for, but he’s going to try to do his best. He’s going to claim a newly discovered habitable planet.

The Heroine: Raquel Donovan is a space pirate searching to revenge herself on a military man abusing his position and his power. For years she’s been building a reputation for herself as the deadliest pirate in the galaxy. They call her the Siren. When this eye-patch toting captain captures Nick’s ragtag crew near one of the solar system’s outer planets sparks fly. She never expects him to turn the tables on her and put her in a position she can’t refuse. Another earth? Impossible!

Review: I regularly follow Heather Massey’s blog on science fiction romance and I’ve picked up a thing or two about this genre. Massey has written a book with elements she thought the genre needed more of and really that’s the type of book authors should write. While I don’t read much science fiction romance, I watch a lot of sci-fi with my father and I can honestly say this story had a very unique take on the Earth-in-peril plot. The tunneling underground was extremely well done and the space exploration and pirate endeavors were interesting and well thought out. For the sci-fi Heather Massey gets 5 out of 5!

That said, I wasn’t too hot on the hero. I like my heroes more alpha and Nick Venture is really more of a beta hero. He’s the leader of a ragtag, but experienced group of individuals in space flight, while he had none. I don’t really understand why being Christopher Columbus’s last descendant qualified him for the job or the respect he received. He kind of bumbled along and got lucky because he was an out of the box thinker.

I also thought the romance was a tad unbelievable with Raquel being so hot and cold (a double standard?  Heroes can usually get away with this…) She constantly pushed Nick away and considering how much time spent away from each other on separate ships with little communication, I found it hard to buy Nick’s near instant-love for the sexy pirate.

Recommended: For SFR fans, readers who love beta heroes, female pirates, and characters beating all the odds for a happy ending.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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