Review: The Secrets of a Scoundrel (The Inferno Club, Book ) by Gaelen Foley

galen foley secrets of a scoundrelReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Nick Forrester is a legendary rake of a lord, and after living the life of a warrior and ex-spy he’s stuck in a dungeon in Scotland until Lady Virginia Burke lets him out, on one condition – he must agree to be her spy on a mission dictated by her, and her alone. Nick can’t help but take a fancy to her, and she in turn admires his half naked body while she discusses the mission with him in his cell. The question is, will she be able to resist him enough to complete the mission?

Review: I love humour in period novels so this one instantly took my fancy. Lord Forrester (Nick) is a rake, a cad and whatever else you could call him. He’s had women at his feet for years, yet since his last impropriety, he has found himself in dire straits. Virginia tries to rescue him out of his situation, yet is it more a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire, or is her proposal enough to make him want to take her up on it?

As a private investigator she had worked on a case about a young girl who, it seemed has been abducted by a gang of white slavers. If she can get this ‘scoundrel’ to help her track down the gang, and retrieve the girl, she feels she would have been some use to the ones who hired her, but without Nick’s strength and previous spying experience, she feels she can’t find them to bring them to justice.

Good bits:

  • Nick’s thought that Gin is a widow, ‘Praise God!’
  • John Carr, Gin’s associate and a “very beautiful young man.”
  • The big reveal of who Lady Virginia (Gin) really is.
  • Nick’s favourite pudding!

Summary: Nick might be a rake, but he is interested in Gin. He is surprised at who she really is, and understands that he knows more about her than he thinks. She, once letting him out of jail keeps his reputation intact back at the Deepwell Estate. I liked the initial chemistry between the two, the intense yearning they feel at being in each other’s company and the end result of their interest. This, for me was essential Regency reading.


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Review: His Wicked Kiss by Gaelen Foley


His Wicked Kiss is the seventh installment of Foley’s Knight Miscellany series. The novel was quite exceptional from the steamy romance scenes, the tender moments, and the insecurities that flared between Eden and Jack. His Wicked Kiss flirts with the tried and true plot of what you thought you wanted and what you get.

Dr. Victor Farraday, botantist, scientist, and certified loon resides in the jungle of the Amazon with his daughter, a small contingent of locals, and Connor their hunter and protector. Connor has had his eye on Eden Farraday since she was sixteen, but Eden does not feel the same way about him. She dreams of London and the sparkle of society and balls and handsome town dandies that will court her and dance with her. So when Victor tells her that they’re moving deeper into the jungles, toward certain death, Eden is desperate to make an escape.

Eden meets Jack as he is sailing down the river with a small crew to meet up with his ship, the Winds of Fortune, off the coast out of the Spaniards reach. Jack thinks the creature sitting up in the trees snipping orchids is beguiling and gorgeous with red flaming hair. Her offer of tea is not resisted, but he is bitterly disappointed to learn that she wants him to take her back to England with him.

Successful entrepreneur and black sheep of the family, Jack Knight is the second son of a duke and is more than used to people wanting things from him. He had hoped Eden would be different, but even if he wanted to, Jack could not take Eden along with him due to the nature of his mission helping the rebels. He would not put her life in danger. That doesn’t stop her from putting herself in danger though-Eden sneaks onboard his vessel.

Jack captures his little stowaway and so begins their romance. Being second has shaped Jack and how he approaches business. As his past is revealed Eden and the reader are drawn closer to him. The more trusting Eden is with Jack, the more she slips past his heart’s defenses. Soon Eden is all he can think about.

The one flaw with this novel is that Eden and Jack change from the fabulous characters we get to know while on his ship for most of the duration in England. Luckily, they both find themselves and each other again before they’ve lost each other for good.


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Review: Her Every Pleasure By Gaelen Foley


By: Marcia, guest reviewer

Her Every Pleasure is the third book in the Spice trilogy about three siblings, British citizens, who have grown up in India. It is a story of duty, honor and destiny which would seem predictable for a romance novel; but add an ambitious Sheik and ruthless Janissaries bent on conquering Europe and converting it to Islam, and it becomes much more interesting.

Gabriel Knight has retired from the Regulars and withdrawn from life while recuperating from an arrow in the abdomen as well as the horrors of war. Having had an after death experience, he believes that he has a destiny to fulfill. At six feet, four inches tall and heavily muscled, he is the epitome of tall dark and handsome. A warrior and leader of men he must learn to follow before fulfilling his destiny.

Princess Sophia has been attacked on the road to London and has fled to hide in a barn on what she supposes is an abandoned farm. She intends to masquerade as a servant while waiting to be rescued by her security team. Over the years, one by one, her entire family has been assassinated until she is the last in line to rule the Greek island kingdom of Kavros. She has been taught to defend herself by her head of security and will kill when necessary. When Gabriel finds her asleep, he assumes that she is a gypsy with loose morals that his brother sent to ‘take care of his needs’. They are strongly attracted to each other but each resist because of duty, honor and destiny, not understanding that those are the very reasons that they should be together.

Her Every Pleasure is told with vivid visual descriptions and a tightly constructed plot. The characters are fully developed and sympathetic. Although the characters and events are entirely fictional, the story is told with historical realism. Galen Foley is always a good read.


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