Possessed—but in a good way

colorheadshotGuest Blog by Sharon Ashwood, author of Possessed by a Warrior

I was emailing back and forth with a reviewer today and the subject came up about instant romance. You know what I mean—you see that certain someone and . . . kapow!

Although it’s not essential to have this moment in a romance novel, it’s hard to get around it. Even in the best-friends-turned-lovers situation there is a moment of recognition that’s a game-changer. Former lovers who meet again have this moment in a story and it’s deliciously complex, because that glance or touch has the weight of history and a wealth of emotion behind it.

I’ve written a quartet of books with four supernatural spy heroes, and I wanted to make each of the four protagonists different personalities with different types of love stories. So, I needed those initial romance moments to be individual to each couple.

  • In POSSESSED BY A WARRIOR, the couple is set on smolder from page one, wanting to be together even though the vampire hero knows it’s a very bad idea. There is no question the attraction is there.
  • However, in POSSESSED BY AN IMMORTAL, the couple is thrown together by chance and it takes longer for trust to develop. After all, he wants to suck her blood and she tries to shoot him. That’s a definite hiccup when it comes to interpersonal relations.
  • The last two books are reunion stories, and they have rather, um, fiery beginnings.

What they all have in common—whether it’s insta-lust or a case of love sneaking up on them—is that the couple is hooked on each other. The moment their eyes, meet, their souls connect, whether they realize it or not. His or her first reaction might be to resist like crazy, but a bond is formed that they can’t escape.

In any other type of story—or in real life—a person might walk away and miss that magical opportunity to find a life mate, but this is romance. In these stories, the protagonists stay and work it out, whether it takes them five pages or five hundred to figure out that Lady Luck just smiled on them.

That’s what I think the “Possessed” in my titles refers to . . . that wonderful moment when my heroine finally understands that she and her hero truly belong to each other.

What’s your favorite “possession” moment from romantic fiction?


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The violent death of her uncle sends Chloe Anderson reeling—and rushing to his estate. As coexecutor of Jack’s will, she assumes that he has left her something. What she doesn’t expect is a bejeweled wedding gown with a note warning her to trust only his business partner—dark, mysterious and sexy Sam Ralston.

Chloe’s been burned in love, but never bitten, and there’s something about Sam that keeps drawing her in, despite her fears. The attraction is mutual, intense, and it takes all of Sam’s willpower to hide his fangs. With Chloe’s career at stake and murderous thieves hot on their trail, the vampire vows to protect her. But can he save her from himself?

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After witnessing a murder, Bree Meadows is on the run with her young son. But the bad guys are in hot pursuit. Dropped in the middle of nowhere amid a torrential thunderstorm, things look pretty grim. To make matters worse, her son is in desperate need of medical attention.

Mark Winspear has been alone for too long. When the vampire senses a gorgeous female nearby, he discovers that her swift, selfless courage pulls at his instincts. The doctor has history with the same men who are after Bree—and he’s ready for revenge. Working together now, they discover an attraction that might save them both—if they’re lucky.

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Sharon is the winner of the RITA® Award for Paranormal Romance. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and is owned by the Demon Lord of Kitty Badness.