Heroes Who Think They’re Villains

fangsandfloggersmedGuest blog by Saloni Quinby, author of Fangs and Floggers (Weapons of Redemption)

Although I love many different types of characters, my favorites are the redeemed villain and the antihero. There’s nothing more intriguing than a man or woman with a murky past who at some point in their story, manages to do the right thing.

I like characters who do what they must to achieve their objectives, who make tough decisions, not concerned about approval from others. Depending on your point of view, that can make the character a hero or a villain.

The best villains are the ones who, in some twisted way, believe they’re doing the right thing. Deep inside, they recognize that their decisions hurt others and they regret it, but in their mind, they’re sacrificing for the greater good. These characters have the potential to cross over to hero or antihero status.

Even if a villain redeems himself, his past is not erased. He can’t undo the damage he’s done, but he can change his future. He might reconcile with some of his old adversaries, but he’ll always have enemies. His inner struggle is part of what makes him endearing. Without it, he’d be one dimensional and like a hero who’s completely golden, he would be hard to connect with.

Most people have both a good and an evil side. The appeal of villains and antiheroes is their imperfect nature. It makes them easier to relate to, since everyone has made mistakes and there are times when we all have to choose between being an angel or a monster.

In my Weapons of Redemption series, I enjoyed developing the villain, Tarun, and finally giving him the chance to tell his story in the last book in the series. Fangs and Floggers delves into the vampire pirate’s past, showing why he chose his wicked path.

I hope you enjoy the following excerpt from Weapons of Fangs and Floggers (Weapons of Redemption).

How do you feel about villains and antiheroes? Like them or hate them?

Weapons of Redemption 5: Fangs and Floggers by Saloni Quinby

(M/M Erotic Vampire)

It is said that every villain thinks he’s a hero, but what about the hero who thinks he’s a villain? Eventually he becomes what he believes himself to be. Still, he has the soul of a hero and only if he lets it guide him again will he find redemption.

Adrian had written those words in his journal just hours ago, when his lover had been at the threshold of salvation or destruction. Tarun had been whole in body then, but shattered in mind for more centuries than Adrian could fathom. Now his body was in the same state as his mind — seriously damaged but possible to restore.

Adrian had tried to warn him that his blood sons would attempt to destroy him tonight, but Tarun had been determined to welcome them home. It had nearly cost his life.

The van carrying Adrian, Tarun and two of his lover’s minions who were necessary for this escape, sped down the dark country road.

“I don’t know why I’m trusting you,” Dirk, the burly redheaded vampire driving the van called into the back section where Tarun lay on the verge of death, Adrian beside him. Cara, a rare medical doctor who specialized in vampires, worked at saving Tarun’s life.

“Because you know you can,” Adrian replied. “Now shut up and focus on driving.”

“And slow down!” Cara snapped. “Hit another bump like the last one and we’ll probably lose him.”

“Well it won’t take Bryce and the others long to figure out what happened to us. Then we’ll all die. Except Adrian. His damn vampire-killer brother will probably make sure he stays alive.”

“Don’t be so sure,” Adrian said softly. One thing about Shane, he lived by his own code and no one changed his mind once it was set.

Or at least that’s what Adrian had thought. He’d been shocked to learn that Shane had taken a vampire lover — unfortunately Bryce was Tarun’s archenemy. He had been the first to rebel against Tarun. The first to bide his time and turn more of Tarun’s blood children against him.

The problem was, like most vampires as well as most humans, they were completely ignorant of the truth — the hidden truth. Both Shane and Adrian had been born with certain gifts that had enabled them to become great vampire hunters. Both were immune to vampiric mind control, but Adrian had an additional gift — he could read vampires.

Everyone had secrets, some so deep that they even disguised them from themselves. After nearly three thousand years, Tarun had many secrets.

“You need to pull over,” Cara said. “The bullet is very close to his heart. I need everything to be still for me to help him. Adrian, you’ll have to assist me.”

“Where should I pull over?” Dirk demanded.

“Anywhere!” Cara shouted.

The brakes screeched as he pulled off the side of the road, behind a clump of bushes.

Cara released a pent-up breath. Glancing at Adrian, she said, “Ready?”

“I’d better be,” he replied.

As a vampire hunter, Adrian was no stranger to blood and injury. He and Shane had patched each other up countless times over the years. This was different. It was the first time Adrian had ever wanted to save a dying vampire.

Glancing at Tarun’s pale, angular face, he thought about how tumultuous their relationship had been. Tarun had started out as his enemy. The vampire had wanted to slay him, but something drew them together. It wasn’t just sex — although that was amazing. Despite how they appeared to be total opposites, their lives were similar in many ways. They understood each other. Adrian had never felt this way about anyone. Now that he’d found his soul mate, he didn’t want to lose him.

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About Saloni Quinby

The child of a painter and a psychic dreamer, Saloni Quinby feels spirituality and storytelling go hand-in-hand. She loves the scent of gardenia, the sound of wind chimes and the taste of honey. By listening to what isn’t said, she creates works based on unspoken desires. Saloni prefers blurred gender lines and many varieties of romance. In a world where passion must at times be restrained, she believes erotica is a pleasure to be shared. With her stories she would like to make her fantasies yours and hopes you enjoy the ride. She also writes under the name Kate Hill. Please visit her online at http://www.kate-hill.com, http://www.twitter.com/katehillromance and https://www.facebook.com/kate.hill.92505.

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Review: Killer in Wolf’s Clothing by Kelli A. Wilkins

Killer in Wolf’s ClothingReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

This is a book that you will need an open mind in order to read. It is a M/M romance with some BDSM. Just because it’s a gay romance don’t let that stop you from reading this story.

Greg and Larry are playing some bedroom games ;-) Kelli shows her readers that Greg and Larry can be like any loving couple. But then you’ll find that she has added a paranormal twist to her story.

Deke is someone who’s not very happy with Greg. Wait until you see the kind of appetite he has – and I’m not just talking about food. One great thing about paranormal authors is that nothing is off limits – the sky’s the limit. Anything is possible and there are no boundaries.

Kelli could have gone the easy route and just made the story about Greg and Larry. But she has given us a mystery plot and the guys need to solve it. For me, it’s the mystery that keeps me turning the page not all the sex. Don’t get me wrong that sex is great in a story but for me there has to be more than just that to hold my attention.

The impressive thing is that Kelli gets her tale done in less than one hundred pages. And when you have finished reading it, you won’t feel cheated. She does a great job of keeping you interested. You will not want to put this down until you have read it from the first page until the last. I’m a fan and can’t wait to read more of her work.

Rating: ★★★★½

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15 GLBT Romances That Rocked My World

Guest Post by Carla F.

GLBT romances are becoming more and more popular. I love reading them! They fall into as many categories as the m/f romances (Contemporary, Regency, Paranormal, etc.) so there is something for everyone. Below is the list (in alphabetical order) of my favorites.

  1. Bad Boyfriend – K. A. Mitchell – After Quinn Maloney is dumped by his closeted boyfriend of ten years, he decides to approach a twink in a club and ask him to accompany him to the christening of his ex-boyfriend’s baby. Eli Wright turns out to be much more than just a date. Mitchell is a solid writer whose books always contain such great characters.
  2. Dance with Me – Heidi Cullinan - Ex semi-pro football player Ed Maurer and dance instructor Laurie Parker have conflict over the separate classes they are teaching at the community center. In a bargain, Ed agrees to be the assistant in Laurie’s ballroom dancing class. Ed’s neck injury and Laurie’s pressure from friends and family to perform on stage once again cause problems in their relationship.
  3. Death of a Pirate King – Josh Lanyon – I couldn’t make a list of GLBT romances without including Josh Lanyon. Death of a Pirate King is the fourth book of his Adrien English series. Adrien and his closeted-ex Jake have been broken up for two years, but are thrown back together when Adrien sits next to a man at a dinner party who dies while at the table.
  4. Fair Game – Josh Lanyon - In this one Lanyon also writes about estranged lovers and an investigation. Elliot Mills, a former FBI agent but now a professor, is asked by a student’s parents to investigate the disappearance of their son. Elliot’s ex, Lance Tucker, is the FBI agent assigned to the case.
  5. Frat Boy and Toppy – Anne Tenino - He always thought that he was straight, but Brad is slowly realizing that he is indeed gay and is extremely attracted to Sebastian, the teaching assistant for his history class.  This one had me laughing out loud because of Brad’s thoughts as he processes his real sexual orientation, his coming out to his family and friends, and his clumsy attempts to get Sebastian’s attention.
  6. Handle with Care – Josephine Myles – This one has a one has a diabetic hero who is on home dialysis and is waiting for a kidney and pancreas transplant. He finds himself attracted to the purple-haired skateboarder who delivers his regular orders of DVD porn.
  7. Moving in Rhythm – Dev Bentham - Mark Apostolos is cripplingly shy and cannot find the words when he is speaking to strangers. In fact, he tends to avoid people whenever possible. (He even teaches online courses.) When he accompanies his pregnant sister-in-law to dance class, the handsome instructor, Seth Miller, makes Mark want to overcome his shyness.
  8. Muscling Through – J. L. Merrow – This is a funny and sweet book about a man, Al Fletcher, with a low IQ who falls in love with a Cambridge art professor, Lawrence Morton. I like that the story is told through the eyes of Al.
  9. Pricks and Pragmatism – J. L. Merrow - Luke Corbin is an English student who like many students doesn’t have a lot of money. He trades sexual favors with rich men in order to keep a roof over his head. When Luke’s latest throws him out for another man, Luke’s friend gets him a place to stay at Russell’s house. Russell is not rich and he is a total nerd. He is also saving himself for someone special.
  10. Regularly Scheduled Life  – K. A. Mitchell – I reviewed this one here.
  11. Retreat From Love – Samantha Kane - This one, a part of the Brothers in Arms series, is a ménage a trois story of Frederick Thorne, Duke of Ashland, and his love for wounded soldier Brett Haversham. Freddy finds out that Brett is in love with Anne Goode who was Freddy’s first love. Since Brett resists Freddy’s attempts at seduction, Freddy decides to push Brett and Anne together.
  12. Scrap Metal – Harper Fox – Since the death of his brother and mother, Nichol has come home to help his grandfather on the sheep farm. They are close to losing it because of debts. One night Nichol catches a man, Cam, breaking into his barn. Everything starts to change. The amazing thing about this story is that the cold, wet, sheep farm and surrounding area become a third person in the story.
  13. Stolen Summer – S. A. Meade – Evan Harrison and Colin Williams’s relationship turns from best friends to lovers right before Evan goes off to Pakistan on a journalism assignment. There he is taken hostage. Once he is freed he has trouble dealing with what he went through, and it threatens his and Colin’s relationship.
  14. Strawberries for Dessert – Marie Sexton – This was the first GLBT romance that I read. Accountant Jonathan agrees to a blind date with globe-trotting twink Cole Fenton. After a disastrous first date, they try again and eventually decide to enter into a casual relationship and get together whenever Cole is in town.
  15. The Only Gold – Tamara Allen - In late 19th century New York Jonah Woolner is angry and disappointed to be passed over for promotion by newcomer Reid Hylliard. Jonah is sure that Reid’s methods will cause problems for the bank, and Reid’s attempts to be friends with Jonah don’t work.

Do you have a favorite GLBT book?

Photo Credits: Nephelim (www.nerobizzarro.com)

Review: Pulled Long by Christine d’Abo

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Book 3 of the “Long Shots” series.

Ian Long owns a coffee shop with his two sisters. Jeff Carson is a straight guy that’s getting a divorce and has a crush on Ian. Christine has given her reader’s another interesting read.

Right in the first chapter, Ian goes for it. You have to cheer Ian on – he really deserves some happiness. Jeff is very blunt about what he’s looking for from Ian. Ian got burned once so now he has self-esteem issues. On their first date, they go to Maverick’s (a sex club for adults).

Christine has them doing “truth or dare” on their first date in one of the rooms at Maverick’s. It was a very interesting scene. What a way to get to know each other. Her sex scenes never disappoint her readers – can we say hot!

I love how Christine doesn’t make relationships easy for her characters – just like in real life. Nothing is straightforward between Jeff and Ian. And of course one of them has an ex. Jeff has the type of personality where he expects answers – he’s exactly what Ian needs. Christine shows the reader that everyone can feel vulnerable but that most families are there no matter what. At the very end, she gives the reader a chuckle.

You will be glad that you have read this series. You don’t have to read any of the books, in this series, in order but at some point you have to read each one. You won’t regret reading the works of Christine d’Abo. You’re also one step closer to reading Josh’s story.

Rating: ★★★★½

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Review: Blank by Sommer Marsden

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes

Think you can take the heat of the next sizzling novel by this best-selling author? Think again…

Kyle is one of those guys who denies everything to himself, the sort who lives in total denial of what or who he is in favor of lying his way in and out of situations he doesn’t like, and in some cases, even those he does.

His real reason for being this way comes out in Chapter three when he remembers all the times he was beaten-up in prison for the foolish thing he did before. He has taken all the heartache he felt and all the pain and hid it all away where it can’t affect anyone else but him – most of all he misses Jason, his former lover and the man he left behind when he got taken away to jail.

When he is with someone he doesn’t take much notice of them – it’s not in his nature to care about the other person. After all, they are just another face to him, someone he can have sex with, and after that they have no other meaning – faces tend to blend in with this guy, and he hasn’t had a real relationship with a guy since.

Kyle tries to put his past of doing time in jail, drugs and fucking behind him and goes to Montana in search of a new life, and with it comes a new job where none of the workers there, or the boss will take his kind of attitude if he shows it, so once he’s talked to the boss, he finds he must change his attitude, and start as he means to go on.

It is Tad that is set to change his life, and he doesn’t know it until it hits him. Tad doesn’t take any of the trouble he brings to other guys, he makes sure Kyle knows where he stands with him, and as a reader you can’t blame him. He doesn’t like the way he sleeps with any guy he meets, and he thinks he won’t burden him with it either, and sets him straight on a number of things he thinks he might have trouble with if he’s around him for too long.

He thinks that other straight guys around might not accept a gay guy whoring around as he does. Then he kisses him. It’s so unexpected that it amazes even him. That Tad would shout at him, then kiss him is beyond him, but he accepts it and says he’ll be good. After that something strange happens; whereas before in bed at night when he sees the men he sleeps with, he doesn’t see their faces, when he romanticizes about Tad, he sees his face for the first time, and enjoys the experience. Here is a guy who won’t back down, who won’t take any bother from him – if anything it will be Kyle who submits to him and his needs.

Even when his interest has switched from Jason to Tad, he is still in denial, but what he doesn’t realize above all else is that he’s in love with him, the man who brings him to his knees, the man who makes him tremble when he comes near. There is a lovely end to this novella, and readers will enjoy the happy ending it brings after all Kyle has been through.

Rating: ★★★★½

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Reviewed: Ridden Hard by Elizabeth Coldwell

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes

Actor Jamie Desmond gets some information on a new project he could be involved in, a movie called Grail. It is a loosely adapted script based on the popular Holy Grail story that involved King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table. He instantly likes the way it reads, and desperately wants to be a part of the making of it.

Jamie does something he’s been doing since he got into acting, though, he lies about his riding ability, and lands the job, but when it comes to showing his riding instructor how good he is in the saddle, he has to confess he can’t ride at all, and in doing so, he might lose the job.

He is good with a sword, though, and that catches the eye of the others working on the set. This story is more about Jamie and his riding instructor, Andrej, even though he spends the occasional bit of time with Fin, an old friend he had who goes way back – they have fun together, and the occasional fuck, but their relationship is nothing more than that.

With Andrej there is a certain chemistry Jamie finds highly attractive as it pulls him closer to him. The fact he lied to him about his riding ability doesn’t bother him, in fact it entices him to want to get to know him more – and for the reader that is the sexiest part. The wanting, the needing to be with someone like Jamie, but there is a catch – Andrej tells him to come to his place later and he offers to tutor him in the art of riding – but does he want to teach him other things too?

Exciting excerpts from this novel can entice and inspire readers:

Why did my mind flash to thoughts of Andrej brandishing a riding crop as I grovelled at his feet, promising to do as he wished? I wasn’t into any of that kinky master and slave punishment stuff – at least, I didn’t think I was, but the image of Andrej towering over me, powerful and dominant, wouldn’t go away.

Andrej is the totally dominant instructor, and Jamie is the pupil, yet this is more of a master and servant relationship at first, as the situation Jamie gets into at first veers from it being only about the work he does for the movie, into Andrej’s eventual domination of him. And it is a domination that delves into sexual territory with Andrej teasing him and making him want his touch more and more.

He strode over to me. ‘I told you that you have much to learn. Not all of it is to do with riding a horse. Much of it concerns how to show due respect to the man who instructs you. I look at you and I see a boy who thinks he has it all. The acting ability, the body, the cock…’ As he spoke, his cool fingers closed around my shaft. I stifled a groan, excitement pulsing through me at his touch.

Readers are set to enjoy the overall story as the erotic elements are slowly introduced into the novel by way of Andrej. He has a subtle way of making Jamie feel at ease around him, but that is only his bedside manner – he finds out what Andrej is really like once he submits to him, and that is when the story really starts, and he begins to appreciate what Andrej is trying to do for him.

Rating: ★★★★★

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Review: Regency Nights by Kitti Bernetti

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes

Two men, one woman – no breaks for the guys who want to get it on!

This novel takes after Pride and Prejudice as it is set in Regency London with Cavendish De Courcy, a single man from a family who are in want of funds, and need to marry him off to the nearest heiress in order to save them from their fate. Cavendish is not happy to help them in their search for wealth – but he knows he has to make sure he gives them what they want. The fact is, Cavendish has already found a life mate, and one he doesn’t want to be taken away from, and it is a secret he knows his parents must never know of. He met him at around about the same time he is to be married, and that in itself creates a problem.

Nathaniel could be the answer to his non existent gay sex life, and being married off to some over pampered puss can only send shivers down his spine. He has to go through with it even if he doesn’t want to as everyone knows that in Regency London being gay was an offence in those days. Even so, it doesn’t mean that Nathaniel need leave his side; it just makes it more difficult for him to conduct his gay affair while trying to keep his new wife happy.

Nathaniel is the son of the local pastor of the district, and he is studying music to while away his hours. This both amuses and amazes Cavendish who never knew he had such a religious background.

His father has chosen Arabella, his wife for him, and considers her excellent childbearing stock, but as usual; doesn’t take his feelings into account. Cavendish thinks he might have to tell Nathaniel to leave his side, but doesn’t want to have to make that decision, and instead has to weigh up his happiness over that of his family.

I find that cover art is well worth taking into consideration when wanting to read novels – even though they aren’t always indicative of a good book. This novel’s cover model is a handsome chap with full lips readers will want to kiss more times than Cavendish will. As a cover it will make it a best seller.

At the beginning, Cavendish’s encounter with the life model in an artist’s studio gives him pause for thought as he is to be married off to a girl, a girl he has no interest in – he likes men, young men who fuel his sexual fire, and make him as wanton as he needs to be.

There are some excellent moments in this novel, and even at 72 pages it manages to cram in some beautiful sensual scenes where the two of them enjoy their brief moments together out of the sight of Cavendish’s new wife:

Cavendish lay as motionless as a sleeping lion; he suppressed the groan of longing which rumbled in his throat. He couldn’t possibly betray the hunger that seared his body, the need to be touched still further, the desire to have not just a damp flannel, but Nathaniel’s delicate fingers probe his tingling flesh.

When Cavendish brings Nathaniel into their home, he tries not to cause all kinds of problems, and instead has him produce artworks for the family as a cover for their affair He gets the impression that while Nathaniel is there, his wife is aware of the feeling he has for him, and makes it hard for the two of them to be together when she is around:

For over two weeks, Nathaniel played the part of the dutiful artist producing delightful sketches and studies for the commissioned works. Cavendish itched to be alone with him, but Arabella guarded her husband jealously as if she could sense the bond that existed between the two men and was determined not to allow it, or Nathaniel to replace her in Cavendish’s affections. Maddening frustration began to build in her husband. He could not perform his marital duties to her, and he could get no relief from Nathaniel for Arabella stuck to him like a newly born foal sticks to its parent.

Kitti knows how to pen a full bodied book like a fine wine, and in this case, she has managed it. Regency Nights is just that, it fills the senses with its excellent prose, sensual, and highly erotic sexual scenes between Cavendish and Nathaniel. Nathaniel serves to be the one who tries to take his mind off of his duty to his new wife, and all the other duties for her he has yet to do, like having her bear his children.

Readers will notice all too soon that he is more interested in Nathaniel than a woman. He finds he can be the man he wanted to be around him. There is no pressure to be the man his father desired – he can be his own man and not feel as though he is being so wanton and immoral about it. What he does with Nathaniel can only be described as wanton and immoral by others who find out about their tryst. It doesn’t matter what others think of them. Cavendish is in love, and with him all his desires are fulfilled.

I enjoyed that there is a solution to Cavendish and Nathaniel’s problem, and it is one that many would not have thought of, but which will make the reader smile.

Rating: ★★★★★

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Review: The Embrace of Life and Death (A Dark Kiss Tale) by Liz Strange

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes

When two people are drawn to each other, it is hard to keep them apart. In this case, Kieran, an immortal of over a hundred years knows all about hope and the pursuit of it, from his old times in Ireland, he has cheated death of his catch from the earliest time, and in that time also gained knowledge of life and death, as well as untold wealth.

On the other hand, Azrael is the angel of death and doesn’t like to be cheated of his catch, so when the two finally meet, it is up to him to bring him over to his side, but what will that amount to? Will he go to him of his own free will, or will they actually form a bond that cannot be broken.

This tale is a saucy one, as the cover shows. It is about two unusual souls who are used to getting what they want, but have never felt true love before. The characters from this novel were also in a three book series called The Dark Kiss Trilogy, but the author wanted this particular novel to remain as a stand alone, and as far as she is concerned, it is Kieran’s story.

Kieran though, isn’t the sort of male anyone would want to feel sorry for as he is a vampire and has used his manly wiles to hypnotise even the most streetwise women to go off alone with him to some deserted place in order to drink their essence. He has continued his existence through deception and guile and readers would not think he deserved any form of redemption until he is visited by a strange male presence who seems to haunt his nights. When he sees the man known only as Azrael, he finds what an imposing figure he is, his huge and muscular frame, he finds could not be that of a normal mortal; a further clue as to his supernatural lineage is also the dove coloured wings that hang at his back and are just as large and imposing as him. Kieran is instantly drawn to Azrael even though at that point he doesn’t know who he is or the risk he is taking by getting involved with him. He finds him irresistible and can smell his own scent, wanting to have him then and there – such is Kieran’s passion, intense and unbridled.

Readers will find it interesting that he is fixated on his blue eyes as he reminds him of the one who had given Kieran the Dark Kiss, and the fact his parents all had the same eyes makes him somehow trust Azrael. Azrael, in turn finds him an attractive male, and can’t help but be drawn to him even if it means that he will be punished for wanting to spend time with him. This, as readers will know almost always involves heated sexual encounters, and as he finds Kieran different from those of his vampire race, he thinks him even more of a challenge.

With this story comes a form of soul searching and question answering for Azrael, who does not understand why vampires exist, and why they accept being this way. Sometimes Azrael talks like a child wanting continual explanations, but as a reader you can’t help but understand why he wants more knowledge in the same way that Kieran wants to know more about him, bearing in mind he hasn’t met an angel of death before.

It is easy to see why this is an engaging book, as it hooks the reader from the very start, and once you get to page five, it starts to get racier:

“A throbbing, Pulsing energy enveloped us, and a deafening, otherworldly wail broke the silence. The arms holding my body withdrew and I crumpled to the damp ground. Curling into a ball, I waited for the painful sound to end and reality to return.”

The story is made more interesting and complicated by Kieran having a housemate, Daniel, who notices how he has changed so quickly since his encounter with Azrael. It is something he picks up on straight away and can’t shift the feeling he is no longer interested in him as a lover. The problem for Kieran is, he has come into some serious money, and wouldn’t want to push him away as he provides him with all he needs, and is there for him most of the time. Daniel acts as a comfort blanket when things go wrong, and has a way of helping out.

The story has a good build up, and the characters act larger than life right from the beginning. This is one novel that is hard to tear your gaze from. For those who have already read some of Liz Strange’s other novels, they will get a real thrill from this one.

Rating: ★★★★½

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