Review: Kick Start (Dangerous Ground, Book 5) by Josh Lanyon

kick startReviewed by Sharon S.

Will is finally braced to bring Taylor home to meet the folks. Unfortunately, not every member of the Brandt clan loves Taylor the way Will does. Then again, not everyone loves the Brandts. In fact, someone has a score to settle — and too bad for any former DS agents who get in the way when the bullets start to fly.

Let me just say Josh Lanyon writes great thrillers that combine fast action, emotionally engaging characters and passionate romances. I adore his Adrien English mystery series, but I haven’t had the chance to read his Dangerous Ground series about two Diplomatic Security Agents who seem to find trouble where ever they go. Their friendship is strong, but one of them, Taylor McAllister, is secretly in love with the other. Unrequited love anyone? Yes, please!

Kick Start is book #5 in the series so if you like to read in order to avoid spoiling you don’t want to start here like I did. This is definitely a transition book. The first four books close out the main story arc and a new one is beginning for the two guys. And it starts with meeting the parents!

(If you don’t want relationship spoilers for the series now is the time to stop reading and pick up book #1 Dangerous Ground…shoo!)

Will and Taylor’s new business adventure isn’t going well and the guys are still adjusting to living together when Will needs to go home and see his brother. It is time for Will to come out to his family and introduce them to the man he is going to spend the rest of his life with. Who takes the news well and who doesn’t? Not going to tell, you have to read to find out. And it wouldn’t be an action story without bad guys trying to hurt the people Will and Taylor love. There are touching moments between all the characters and lots of humor with Cousin Denis.

This is a novella, but it read way too fast for me. It was over before I knew it! I did have a hard time picturing the guys and keeping their names straight at first because I wasn’t familiar with them, and it is written with the assumption you’ve read the first 4. But I soon picked it up and was able to picture them in my head. I loved the characters Will and Taylor and can’t wait to start this one at the beginning of the series.


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Review: The Best Man (Blue Heron, Book 1) by Kristan Higgins

best manHeroine: Faith Holland was jilted when her fiance’s best friend outs him as gay at the wedding. Ever since, Faith keeps stumbling upon all the wrong men in her quest for love and marriage. The book opens when Faith is on date three with a guy that turns sour fast when his wife shows up and shouts obscenities at her. She has no intentions of returning to her Blue Heron, her hometown, to face her ex, but then her sister calls and tells her about a gold digger who is making plays at their father so she rushes home… only to get pulled over –

Hero: Police Chief Levi Cooper broke up the wedding because he knew it would make Jeremy miserable in the long run and he wanted the best for his friend. He’s never been a fan of Princess Super-Cute (hated this nickname, and Levi never gives her another one) so it wasn’t for her benefit and he couldn’t care less if she forgave him for it. After a disastrous month-long marriage to a woman in the forces, Levi is determined to only date women who will stay and Faith is certainly not that woman.

Review: I liked the friendship between Levi and Jeremy, and I also liked how Faith and Jeremy were able to shift gears into being friends. It seemed important if the three of them were going to live in the same small town. The best scene was Faith stuck in the bathroom window –

“Is there a problem here ma’am?”

“Nope, just taking in the view.”

“Me too. Nice night isn’t it?”

“It is. It’s beautiful.”

“What happened to your shirt?”

“I, um…I had a wardrobe malfunction.”

“I see. […] So, what happened?”

“I flushed my sweater down the toilet.”

“That happens to me all the time.”


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Review: Fulfill Me by Victoria Blisse

Fulfill Me by Victoria BlisseReviewed by Sandra Scholes

The Steamy Synopsis:

Why is it when you want to go out with some gorgeous guy, there’s always someone who wants to get in your way? This time though, it isn’t another woman, but a man. It is PA hottie Mike who stands between her and Nick Casey the star of top soap Dobson’s Digs. She wants him, that’s for sure, but is she prepared for how much she has to do to get him to go out with her? Who knows, but Mike isn’t about to let her have her way so easy – not when he wants him too.

The Dream Characters:

Nick: He’s the star of Dobson’s Digs, and isn’t a diva, which is amazing, but he is kind and generous to his friends. When he meets Caitlyn by accident, he finds he likes her, and wants to share some of his time with her, but only if he can slip away from Mike’s clutches – he does tend to be a bit of a mother hen and it annoys him, but not as much as it does her.

Mike: He’s the PA and bodyguard that comes between Caitlyn, and she doesn’t like him one bit, but she has to tolerate him if she wants to get anywhere near talking distance to Nick. He doesn’t like her at first either as she doesn’t understand how much of a big star he is or the demands put on him by his acting career.

Caitlyn: At first Caitlyn/Katy strikes you as a star struck fan of Nick’s and it reads as a bit disturbing, as though she is a stalker. She wants to know where he is, and buys his underwear off of E-bay – that’s the sort of woman she is, but Blisse doesn’t let her stay that way, she gives her an extra dimension that works throughout the book.

The Hot Result: At the moment, BDSM erotica has been made famous by the hype got by Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, but this novel has the added bonus of having MMF style romance put into the mix, making it more interesting – it adds that extra spice Shades of Grey doesn’t have, and as a result, it will have universal appeal. Blisse shows the two of them lead very different lives; Caitlyn’s isn’t as rosy as she would like as hers is pretty normal, while she sees Nick’s as a celebrity lifestyle, which it is, but he isn’t as caught up in the bright lights as she is. He can still keep his head, his rational mind above all the glitz and glamour.


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Review: The Master of Seacliff by Max Pierce

by Sandra Scholes, guest reviewer

Andrew Wyndham gets the offer of a lifetime to tutor an unruly child at a huge mansion where its master, Duncan Stewart starts out as an imposing and brooding man of means who shows Andrew what life at Seacliff is like.

Duncan slowly warms to Andrew, his new tutor who just happens to be a virgin, and gay, tries to hide his sexual leanings from the others even though he gets plenty of attention from Duncan, Leo and other men he meets both in and out of the mansion. Duncan is extremely possessive of his new employee, and becomes jealous of the attention Leo gives to Andrew but Andrew is resisting this thinking he might be the murderer of his father, Gordon as all the clues he finds in the house seem to lead to him.

Andrew does not want his thoughts of him being the killer to be true as he has formed a bond with Duncan even the likes of the amorous Leo can’t break.

For the most part sex scenes do not feature in this novel; love-making is left for the end, is touching and guaranteed to leave the reader with a warm fuzzy feeling. There is plenty of seductive dialogue, clues as to the real murderer, and comic moment’s readers will enjoy.

The novel’s author manages to capture the atmosphere of a turn of the century Gothic romance novel with its depths, its dark remote setting, and the brooding character of Duncan and the lovable Andrew.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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Review: For Love of the Dead by Hal Bodner

by Isabel G.,guest reviewer

The main character is a mortician named Jake Marshall who lost his partner and is searching for someone new with whom to share the rest of his life. It is difficult for him to find someone who measures up to his expectations and is also understanding about his profession. However, things start to get complicated when a voodoo priest resurrects a cadaver laying at the funeral home where Marshall works. The corpse, turned walking dead, known as Mark Hartner, is fouler as a person than any smell a zombie could eject. The pain he caused many people, both physically and emotionally, is why he was brought back to life to suffer.

I began reading this book without any bias that it’s a gay/zombie themed story, which is not what I’m normally used to reading. However, I was willing to try something new and looking forward to an exciting erotic experience nonetheless. Unfortunately, the author does nothing to excite me as a reader neither with the story nor the erotica. Despite the fact that there are only 200 pages to this ebook it was an uphill battle trying to finish reading it. In the end, I could not. I found it to be unrealistic, tasteless, and there were details that were unnecessary and off-putting.

At one point the main character has a never ending ejaculation, in a dream like state, while having an orgy with people that died years ago. Oh, did I mention that it’s painful and not fully enjoyable for our hero? Yeah, as a matter of fact, most of the sexual encounters in this book are not enjoyable for the characters. It was just a bit much, in a way you really don’t want in an erotic read.

Something else that bothered me was that the main character claims to be searching for someone worth spending the rest of his life with yet he sleeps with several men after finding a guy he feels that way about. He seems more interested in sex with everyone versus what the author wants you to believe about him. Another thing that was longer than it needed to be is that the main character goes on and on describing the color of someone’s eyes and you feel as though the author just wanted to bulk the story with more sentences rather than giving the story substance.

I liked the idea of a voodoo priest being the reason a zombie was walking. The idea was unique, yet, the rituals were not what a reader expects nor does it make that religion intriguing.

Disliked: Most of the book for multiple reasons including but not limited to descriptions of licking outie belly buttons, balls dropping, saliva drenched chest hair, dry sweat licking of underarms, sex obsessed hero, necrophilia, rape scenes, etc…

If you’re attracted to any of the above mentioned then I guess there really is something for everyone! Personally, I do not recommend this book to anyone, straight or gay.

Rating: 1 Stars

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Publisher: Ravenous Romance
ISBN-13: 978-1-60777-312-2
Copyright 2009
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Page: 202