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An Earthly Elysium

An Earthly Elysiumby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Grace Elliot, author of The Ringmaster’s Daughter Have you heard of a pleasure garden? Pleasure gardens were all the rage in Georgian and Victorian England, and as the name suggests they were open air spaces where people went to be entertained. It’s difficult to think of a modern equivalent and perhaps closest […]

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Review: A Duke of Her Own by Eloisa James

Review: A Duke of Her Own by Eloisa Jamesby Carla F.

Reviewed by Carla F. If asked to list my 10 favorite romance authors, I doubt that I would put Eloisa James on the list. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy her books. It is just that I feel some trepidation before I start reading one because Ms. James writes smart, complex stories with interwoven […]

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Movie Review: Lost in Austen starring Jemima Rooper and Elliot Cowan

Movie Review: Lost in Austen starring Jemima Rooper and Elliot Cowanby Keira

This three hour BBC miniseries is just precious. It’s lighthearted, humorous, and perfect. Pride and Prejudice is revisited and reintroduced. Lost in Austen pays homage to Jane Austen’s original masterpiece while reinventing it. My friend, who is not a Pride and Prejudice fan—blasphemous I know!—loved this film. My other friend, who is a huge fan […]

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Review: Wicked Company by Ciji Ware

Review: Wicked Company by Ciji Wareby Cara Lynn

by Cara Lynn, guest reviewer Wicked Company was originally published in 1992 and has been reissued in October 2010.  Basically it is the story of female dramatists, playwrights, as well as the actors and actresses, the directors and producers, during the years 1761-1771, mostly in London. The author calls herself a ‘historical novelist.’  In her […]

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What’s in a Name? Kittens and Characters

What’s in a Name?  Kittens and Charactersby Guest Blogger

by Grace Elliot, guest blogger and author of A Dead Man’s Debt. Last Thursday I found a stray kitten playing in the road; the cutest little thing all purrs and passion paws. Being a veterinarian, for safety’s sake, I took her into work but despite notices everywhere no owner has come forward. With a boring […]

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