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Audio Review: Thunder and Roses (Fallen Angels, Book 1) by Mary Jo Putney

Heroine: Methodist schoolteacher Clare Morgan is not noble, but she has noble ideals. Her village is in trouble and she’s determined to do her late father’s memory proud…

Review: Curse of the Gypsy (Lady Anne Mystery, Book 3) by Donna Lea Simpson

Heroine: When Lady Anne Addison visits the gypsy camp on her father’s lands, she swears she spies Tony in the woods. Unacceptable! She meant it when she said…

Review: The Runaway Duke by Julie Anne Long

If you’re looking for a light happy read though you will like this novel. It’s a perfect companion for a long flight or car ride and will keep…

When Characters Just Won’t Shut Up!

by Judi Fennell, guest blogger Back in 2004 when I joined Romance Writers of America, I had one manuscript (in sore need of craft workshops!) and the dream….

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